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You Can't Say "Thug Thizzle" -- That's RAAACIST!
Fo' shizzle.
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I’ve mentioned reporter Shelby Holliday’s excellent work interviewing the Homeless People for Obama riff-raff in Ohio on this blog and in my column. (See here and here.)

Wouldn’t you know it: I am now being accused of RAAAAAACISM for repeating the phrase one of those homeless people used in his endorsement of Obama.

That’s right. I can’t say “thug thizzle” and explain its street meaning.

Because it’s a, you know, “racially-tinged” remark unless it’s uttered by vagabonds and rappers.

A HuffPo huffer accuses me of race-baiting here.

Reader jgilmore wields the race card:

Your article may very well be an accurate portray of acorn and its relationship with Barack Obama. However, I don’t think acorn has even been charged with fraud just yet, however I may be mis-informed as I don’t keep up with acorn. Nonetheless to quote a homeless man and reference the quote to Obama doing his thug thizzle is racist. How do you even know what “thug thizzle” is? I hope your are not truely racist and hopefully your are just trying to pick up ratings. Nonetheless, I find it offensive!

As do Aaron and Roberta Fields. who e-mail:

“Thug Thizzle” is your cheap attempt to incite racial fears in this election.

It’s not working. As a matter of fact, it’s working against you. It makes us love Obama even more.

Not my homeboy, fo’ shizzle.

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