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You want to know how out of touch the goons on Obama’s Missouri “truth squad” are with the truth?

Reader Pat sends an enlightening e-mail:


I spoke with Bob McCulloch, Missouri prosecutor, about the truth squad story. I asked for an example of a lie that he would have to set straight. He used the example of the sex education for kindergartners. He believes that Barack Obama supported legislation that would protect kindergartners from inappropriate touching and not a wide spectrum of sex education in that age group. I asked if he read the legislation. He said “no.”

I told him that if I hear him calling the sex education story a lie, then I would know that he had either not read the bill or was just going to lie for Obama no matter what the legislation actually says. He went into the idea that anybody can analyze legislation any way they want and that my analysis may not be correct. I told him that a monkey could analyze this legislation and know that the law is not specific to only inappropriate touching of kindergartners, but adds that age group to a wide array of sex

education. He does not believe me. And so it goes.


Fact-checking the liberal fact checkers: The truth about that sex-ed bill

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