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Phew: Gang of 20 Sellout Bill Is Dead for Now
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Breathe a small sigh of relief. A capitulationist bullet has been dodged. Looks like the Gang of 20 sham energy bill won’t come up for a vote before the November elections.

The Hill reports:

A bipartisan group of senators who sought a compromise in the rancorous energy debate won’t introduce their bill before lawmakers adjourn for the elections, several Senate aides said Thursday.

Instead, the so-called Gang of 20 will offer a statement of principals outlining their agreement on a host of divisive issues, including expanded offshore drilling. They plan to offer legislation once the political season has ended, according to an aide to a Democrat involved in the discussions. The aide said that the election-year environment has poisoned the atmosphere and hampered the chances of passing a bill on such a controversial campaign topic.

The bill was a high tax (Biden-esque patriotic!), bogus drilling nightmare.

I say: Hooah!

Ace says, “Huzzah!”

It’s one less GOP-supported sellout we have to worry about.

For now…

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