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Obama's Bitter Half: She's Baaaaaack (Video Added)
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Scroll down…video added…

I get a half-dozen e-mails a day asking me, “Where’s Michelle Obama?”

Well, The Queen of “Downright Mean” has returned.

The target of her grievance-mongering today?

Who else?

Sarah Palin.

Michelle Obama says voters need to decide this election by examining the issues, not because they like a candidate or think “she’s cute.”

Obama spoke in Charlotte on Thursday morning at a women’s round-table on economic issues. The crowd roared at her remark disparaging voters who might cast a ballot because of a woman’s looks, a clear jab at Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin.

Obama tried to clarify her remark with a smile, saying she was talking about herself.

The “crowd roared.” Just like it roared when Barack made his lipstick-on-a-pig remark.

Oh, the poor Obamas. Always so woefully misunderstood.

Waiting for McCain and the GOP establishment to come to Michelle Obama’s defense . Sigh.


Allah’s keeping track of the Obamas’ Palin slams.


Update: Here’s the vid (thanks to AJ):

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