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Lamest Obama ad Ever: McCain Doesn't Do E-Mail!
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Obama says he wants to talk about Important Issues.

So, here’s his latest ad attacking McCain.

The serious, deep, important issue?

Obama uses a computer. And John McCain doesn’t.

This is why The World Wants Obama!


Obama shouldn’t pat himself on the back so hard for his computer savvy. This is the guy who couldn’t get his massively hyped Magic Text Message on the Biden announcement right.


Reader Norman B. also raises a good point: “What if the reason that McCain doesn’t use the computer is because of his arms? Maybe it is too painful to type because of the torture he experienced in Vietnam.”


Allah asks: “If Internet savvy is a basic qualification for leadership in the modern age, how can it be that Billy Jeff — still a major figure in the Democratic Party and the head of an influential global charity — sent exactly two e-mails as president and remains offline to this day?”

A commenter at the liberal TNR blog is shaking his/her head: “I just don’t get the thinking behind it at all. Don’t they realize that there are 83 million Americans in the non-line community? And most of those are probably in downscale households they NEED to turn out? They’re insulting these people! Gratuitously!”

The Obama campaign does have a way of doing that…


Ace of Spades:

As strange as it may be to imagine, there are Americans who don’t use email, many who use it rarely, and many who don’t like it. Implying that they are stuck in the ’80s does not seem like a smart move. A lot of these folks are sensitive to being called “out of date” or “out of touch.”

What starts as an attack on John McCain–“he can’t use a computer”–sounds a lot like an attack on everyone who doesn’t. As Allah says, that’s a lot of seniors. But not just seniors. It’s a personal attack on anyone who doesn’t switch on their computers right after they switch on their coffeemakers.

Sure, it squeezes in an attempt at a substantive issue–“he doesn’t understand the economy”–but the gist of the whole ad is that McCain is old and old things aren’t cool. That’s what the shot of the brick cellphone and the rubix cube are all about. But something that Obama obviously didn’t consider is that old people hold grudges, especially when some half-grown dandy spits in their faces.


Jonah Goldberg digs up some articles confirming what many readers suspected: McCain doesn’t type because of his war injuries.

He is, however, web savvy and can surf with a mouse.

Ok, now that this Important Issue has been resolved…

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