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Rice and Racial Beans at the State Department
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Condi Rice is so wrong.

She thinks what the State Department needs is skin-based diversity. Here she is, counting racial beans the way the Left always does — and talking like Bill “Looks Like America” Clinton. Wrong, wrong, wrong:

Rice laments lack of black diplomats

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Monday it was “unacceptable” that there were so few black people like herself in the US diplomatic corps.

“I want to see a Foreign Service that looks as if black Americans are part of this great country,” Rice told a gathering of black colleges and universities in Washington.

“I have lamented that I can go into a meeting at the Department of State,” said Rice, the second black person to become secretary of state after her predecessor Colin Powell.

“And, as a matter of fact, I can go into a whole day of meetings at the Department of State and actually rarely see somebody who looks like me, and that’s just not acceptable,” she added.

Who cares what they look like? It’s what they think like that matters. As I’ve blogged here many , many, many, many , many , many , many times over the years, Foggy Bottom is plagued by CAIR capitulationists and America-lasters who put appeasement above American sovereignty.

We should worry less about skin pigment, and more about skin thickness. We should worry less about skin lightness or darkness, and more about dhimmitude.

I’ll be blunt: Hearing such 9/10 talk from the Secretary of State on the seventh anniversary week of the 9/11 attacks makes me want to throw up.


Meanwhile, here’s the latest Looks Like Al Qaeda graphic for you:

A jury in the U.K. has found three men guilty of conspiracy to murder in the trans-Atlantic airline “liquid bomb” plot.

Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain were found guilty of plotting to kill “persons unknown,” but not necessarily on planes.

The prosecutor told jurors during the trial that the men planned to attack United Airlines, American Airlines and Air Canada flights by smuggling liquid explosives onto jets and detonating them in-flight.

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