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Us Weekly Begs Readers to Stay
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Keep it up, folks. Us Weekly is feeling the heat. And now, they are pleading with readers to stick with them.

Reader Susanna sent the following protest e-mail:

During tense political times, it’s always nice to open up US Weekly and lose myself in some mindless gossip and fashion news.

So imagine my DISGUST when I saw this week’s US Weekly cover: a revolting, sensationalist, bottom-feeding, partisan attack on mother and career woman Sarah Palin. You know, I’ve been rolling my eyes at your adoring coverage of Barack Obama, but I’ve put up with it in order to be entertained by your other good stories and features. But now you’ve stopped being entertainment and crossed the line into hateful, smear-based attack journalism. I would’ve thought Palin, a hockey mom, energy industry expert, and the youngest and first woman governor of Alaska, warranted the same kind of softball coverage you saw fit to give to the Obamas, but I forgot: she’s a Republican, not a liberal darling, so she instead she gets screwed. Just looking at the cover of your latest issue, filled with innuendoes and misleading statements, makes me want to THROW UP.

Way to lose a reader, US. I do not want US Weekly in my home, ever again. PLEASE CANCEL my subscription. I never want to see this magazine in my house again.

Here’s the magazine’s response:

From: [email protected]


Date: September 5, 2008 6:43:21 AM PDT

To: xxx

Thank you for contacting US Weekly.

We apologize you are upset over our cover featuring Sarah Palin. Every week our editors select what they feel are the most compelling stories, regardless of the controversy it may create. In all fairness, we ask you please take the time to read the story before deciding to cancel. After reading should you still wish to cancel, please let us know and we will honor your request.

Thank you,

US Weekly


Case id: 6361254

KMM tracking number: KMM23206123I103L0KM


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