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Cut the "Someone Wrote the Speech for Her" Crap
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Photoshop: David Lunde

Right on cue, the Beltway snobs dumped on Gov. Sarah Palin’s brilliantly crafted and delivered speech tonight by immediately pointing out that the speech was “written for her.”

What officeholder — from mayors to the President — doesn’t have speeches written for them?

Now, they have a problem with political candidates who are skilled at reading a teleprompter and delivering great soundbites and revving up large crowds?


They fear. They hate. They squirm.

Keep bringing it on, Gov. Palin.


Cassy Fiano jumps in with an “I Am Sarah Palin” video.

I suspect you’ll be seeing a lot of these on YouTube. If YouTube doesn’t take them down first:


Lorie Byrd: “So much for the redneck beauty queen mayor of a pissant town.”

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Sarah Palin