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All You Need to Know About the RNC Protesters
"The crowd was far smaller than the 50,000 march organizers had hoped for."
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Same as at the DNC: A bust.


Outside the Xcel Center, police used pepper spray and arrested five protesters among a crowd of about 2,000 participating in an anti-war march. The crowd was far smaller than the 50,000 march organizers had hoped for.

St. Paul police spokesman Tom Walsh said the five were arrested for lighting a trash bin on fire.

Separately, dozens of self-described anarchists wearing black clothing ran through the streets a few blocks from the march site.


Update: Jim Hoft reports on a sandbag attack on the bus he was riding.


Speaking of losers, if you missed Jason Mattera’s last undercover assignment at the illegal alien rally in Denver, make sure you click and watch.

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