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CAIR attacks.
It's always a badge of honor to be attacked as a threat by CAIR.
Just like you.
Scroll down for updates...latest McCain VP rumors...pick before Friday? I have obtained an advance, annotated text of Michelle Obama's convention speech tonight. As her water-carriers in the press have been reporting, the speech will introduce America to the "real" Michelle and Barack. (Ok, here's a bit of the real thing. And the full text is... Read More
"He's still talkin' 'bout the war on terror like it actually exists!"
The Democrat Party may be in splintering chaos, but outside the Pepsi Center, the Marxist Left is unified. Hot Air TV special correspondent Jason Mattera was out and about among the collectivist masses again yesterday -- where he was offered a joint and deep thoughts about world citizenship, the scourge of capitalism, and the non-existent... Read More
She always was a Fleetwood Mac fan. Now, she's singing an uncommitted tune to her delegate hounds. "You can go your own way:" Politico: *** More: Schadenfreude-licious!
Capitali$m $uck$!
The anti-capitalism protest kicks off in downtown Denver later this afternoon at the Mint, which the radicals will attempt to "levitate." Meanwhile, the enemies of profit have been busy...trying to make a few bucks. Do as they say... Hat tip: PPC.
Funny money.
Mirabile dictu: There is cash the DNC won't take. They've returned $100,000 to Charlie Rangel. The NYPost has the scoop.
Mrs. Obama commands you to celebrate.
Quote of the morning: "You need to celebrate what [Sen. Obama] represents even if you don't vote for him," Mrs. Obama says. -- Michelle Obama in an interview aired last night with black network TV One's Roland Martin. I need to? Really? Or else what, Michelle? *** Or else this: Delegate says Jones called her... Read More
Sick and tired of sanctuary.
Widow Daniella Bologna, whose husband and two sons were murdered by an illegal alien sanctuary beneficiary in San Francisco, is fighting back. She needs all the help she can get. I've reported on several lawsuits like this one over the past 10 years, and so far government officials have been able to evade accountability. Let's... Read More
Taxpayers get sandbagged.
Perks, perks, perks: Uh-huh. Neighbors of City Councilwoman Lee didn't take the insult lying down: Lee said Peyton and Hollingsworth called her Friday afternoon to inform her of the evacuation of a nursing home in her district. During the call, she said
Know Your Petty Tyrant.
Nancy Pelosi brags about making the House of Representatives the "People's House." "People" apparently doesn't include fallen Marines: His photos reflect his passion. U.S. Congressman Walter Jones R-NC has a picture gallery at his official website. Displayed prominently are dozens of images of the congressman alongside uniformed U.S. military personnel and concerned veterans. Among them,... Read More
PUMA party.
Bottoms up! But will they follow her lead and throw their support to Barack Obama -- or flip him the bird? Anticipation: Hear the PUMAs roar. Still on schedule: The "Hillary Now/No Obamination - Hillary Now for McCain" rally on Thursday, 11:45am - 12:30pm from Mariposa Street to Federal/Invesco Field. And there's this:
"Like abortion deadly?"
Your Sunday afternoon comic relief: Hot Air special correspondent Jason Mattera rubs unwashed elbows with the moonbats in Denver. Favorite line: "Deadly? How deadly? Like abortion deadly?" *** Meanwhile, the anarchists wimp out. Recreate '68? Never mind: The lefties' big triumph? Yelling at a Fox News crew: Revolution! St. Cindy Sheehan (who?) also made an... Read More
“I was near where a shot landed.”
Hillary had her Great Bosnia Snipergate caper. Joe Biden had his own, too. Another stellar example of his foreign policy and military cred. This is a photoshop contest waiting to happen. Flashback August 2007: Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) — whose garrulous ways have led to a number of verbal gaffes over the years — has... Read More
"[W]rong way to go."
I noted this in my year-end essay last December on the surge, the military, and the media. Worth noting again as the Obama camp hypes Joe Biden's great foreign policy and strategic expertise. They were both wrong. Phenomenally wrong.
Excellent question from David Harsanyi. Har: Commenter magicarb's answer... "Right after Murtha does. (And probably using the same speech.)"
Obama gets to the climax of his introduction of Biden and says... "Let me introduce to you, the next president -- vice president -- of the United States..." Snort... Not ready for prime time. From the McCain camp: "Barack Obama sounded as though he turned over the top spot on the ticket today to his... Read More
"I don't want a f**king abortion clinic in my neighborhood!"
Scroll down for updates...vid added... DENVER -- I attended the abortion protest at the new Planned Parenthood mega-facility here in Denver this morning. The pro-abortion presence was measly. I counted about seven or eight demonstrators who tried to compensate for their low numbers with their loud mouths. The ignorance of the pro-abort activists is, frankly,... Read More
"The only thing standing between Joe Biden and the presidency is his mouth."
Scroll for updates...3:03pm Eastern Obama takes the stage in Springfield IL as U2's "Oh, You Look So Beautiful" humble...Obama: "Joe Biden is that rare mix. He has brought change to Washington, but Washington hasn't changed him...He's stared down dictators...He is uniquely suited to be my partner as we work to put our country back... Read More
Hmmmm. In addition the bumper sticker buzz, I received this e-mail from a reader: "A good friend of mine just informed me that his good friend in IL has his hands deep into selling political T-shirts and he got word that Evan Bayh from Indiana will be his running mate for VP." Update: MSNBC says... Read More
"How do you know someone is a friend?"
Here is the latest RNC radio ad for John McCain. Message: McCain fought harder for illegal alien shamnesty, so Latinos should vote for him! Just another reminder, my friends, that the GOP establishment continues to 1) treat Hispanics as a monolithic bloc of open-borders sheep; 2) put p.c. pandering above the rule of law; and... Read More
Lights, camera...
I snapped a few photos this morning while doing Fox and Friends from the Democrat convention floor at Pepsi Center. The centerpiece is this behemoth, Hollyweird-esque podium display with a bank of 8,000 square feet of video screens and three huge, high-def plasma TV screens. It's all about the image. Just like the Dem presidential... Read More
Follow the money. Connect the dots.
There's much more to the story of Obama's amended campaign finance reports than what Obama and the Obamedia will tell you. I will fill you in on what's missing in a moment. What we have here, essentially, is Obama using a non-profit group called Citizens Services Inc. as a front to funnel payments to ACORN... Read More
The election shenanigans continue -- funded with your tax dollars. Perpetrated by the old friends of Barack Obama and the beneficiaries of George Soros's largesse. ACORN Watch takes you back to Milwaukee today, where more ACORN workers are under scrutiny for submitting bogus cards: Milwaukee’s election chief on Wednesday turned 32 more voter registration workers... Read More
Indifferent, annoyed, worried.
The coming of the Obamessiah isn't impressing Coloradans. Yawn:
My second syndicated column of the week takes a break from the campaign trail to expose a joint effort by the ACLU and Human Rights Watch to Abu-Ghraib-i-fy America's schools. You won't be surprised to learn who's behind the report, which is here. Hint: *** Abu Ghraib-i-fying America's schools by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright... Read More
Fox News alert.
Update: Vid here. *** You can catch me on Fox and Friends tomorrow at 8:15am Eastern/6:15am Mountain. I'll be live and caffeinated in Denver on the convention floor talking about the upcoming moonbat circus, as well as my report on the Democrat Party platform's Soros Slush Fund. Earlier today: A Mile High and an Inch... Read More
"Evangelical Christian. Working class. Military veteran. Pro-life. Conservative Republican."
"Evangelical Christian. Working class. Military veteran. Pro-life. Conservative Republican." Juliette Ochieng for President! Juliette's blog is here. I've linked to her excellent work often and if you haven't already bookmarked her site, do it now. Flashback: Save Obama's school in Kenya!
No library gatekeepers can keep the lid on the truth forever. It's out there: A conservative nonprofit group with a past link to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign is spending $2.8 million on an ad questioning Democrat Barack Obama's relationship to a founder of the 1960s radical group Weather Underground. The ad, which is expected... Read More
Dial U for unhinged.
This is not a joke. Just arrived in my e-mailbox via Seriously: Dear Member, When you pay your mobile phone bill each month, you probably don't give a lot of thought to where your money goes. But given what's going on in Washington these days, maybe you should. Congress has finally started the... Read More
Hackers vs. China whitewash.
Last week, I took the crouching IOC to task for looking the other way at the cheating Chicoms' female gymnasts of questionable age. The panel has taken a baby step toward investigating the scandal. The Times of London reports: The International Olympic Committee has ordered an investigation into mounting allegations that Chinese authorities covered up... Read More
Bummer. Public Enemy was supposed to give a free concert to the Recreate '68 moonbats next week...except that Public Enemy had no idea they were invited: The anarchists are scrambling to regroup. It's going to be a fun week.
Allah's got the video.
Barack Obama translation: Oh, what a drag it is on abortionists to detect movement and signs of life in a baby who survived attempted murder. Such a burden to have to call in another doctor to determine the viability of the baby -- or "however way you want to describe it." His own words. Read... Read More
Pot. Kettle.
Photoshop: Tennyson Hayes We're trapped in the Obama campaign's Cone of Stupidity and we can't get out. The latest Obama ad razzes McCain for not remembering how many houses he has. (But at least he knows how many states there are.) Wealthy elitist Senator mauls wealthy elitist Senator. Snooze. Yahoo! News is featuring the moronic... Read More
Jerry Brown is the California AG, so expectations should be managed. Still, the prospect of blabbermouth Chuckie being held to account for his reckless indiscretion is worth savoring, even for a fleeting moment: California's attorney general is reviewing a request by former employees of IndyMac Bancorp Inc to investigate whether a New York senator triggered... Read More
Let the games begin.
That's the new tagline for the Democrat convention, courtesy of the RNC. In other DNC circus news, Denver is removing the razor wire from Gitmo on the Platte, disappointing moonbats everywhere who were looking forward to their brush with torture. Jail officials are doing the inmate shuffle. Democrats are trying to block regular folks from... Read More
"Gutted, like you gut a pig."
Nancy Pelosi had no comment on this latest illegal alien sanctuary travesty. Keep burying your heads in the hand, San Francisco: An immigrant suspected of being in the United States illegally - freed after being shielded from possible deportation by San Francisco officials despite committing two gang-related assaults as a juvenile - faces charges that... Read More
"I don't know what you're talking about."
The Tides Foundation is one of those high-minded, left-wing "social justice" non-profits funded with Soros money and Teresa Heinz Kerry money. You also know Tides as one of the funders of John McCain's open-borders Reform Institute. The foundation is in the news again, but you won't hear the do-gooders saying much about this:
Because they can.
Photoshop - Lundesigns The ChiComs get a another gold medal for Olympic tyranny. Ruthlessly perfect 10s across the board: And more: Five Americans have been detained in Beijing following a pro-Tibetan protest in which they spelled out “Free Tibet” with blue lights near China’s national stadium, The New York Times is reporting. The activists, members... Read More
Better there than here.
Much fun has been had with the story of Barack Obama's "lost" brother, George Hussein Onyango Obama, who lives in a hut in Kenya. It is said that Obama should have done more to help his impoverished sibling. Actually, this may be one of the few times Obama did taxpayers a favor -- by not... Read More
Update: Vid here. I'll be on Neil Cavuto's show in about 10 minutes to talk about the veepstakes and McCain's footsie-playing games with a pro-choice VP pick. Is it a head fake? Do you just have a headache? Feel free to sound off some more.
The public's right to know.
Thanks to all of you who responded to my post on Stanley Kurtz's call for help pressing the University of Illinois at Chicago to free the Obama/Ayers papers. Kurtz has an update and is still quite worried about the endangered documents, so don't let this one go: Here are those contact links again: Email here.... Read More
Killing fields.
Just received in my e-mailbox. Maybe they can make a trip to McCain HQ next: DENVER, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Colorado Right to Life and American Right to Life will stand with black leaders from around the country at their Power in the Park rally and press conference on August 25, 2008, 8:30 am at... Read More
Fence? What fence? Border? What border?
It's your Fence In Name Only alert. Remember all that talk of how the Secure Fence Act allowed DHS to speed up construction with a special waiver process? Well, the waiver process -- like the non-existence fence -- is full of holes. And it's another Bush administration agency that's standing in the way:
John McCain is on the Laura Ingraham radio show right now. She asked him right off the bat about the pro-choice VP rumors. He refused to dispel the rumors and said it was "one of the hardest decisions" in his life. Geez. Why so hard to commit to picking someone who shares his pro-life views?... Read More
Sports break.
The track fans in my family are buzzing over Jamaican Usain Bolt's record-breaking Olympic win in the 200 meters today. He ran 19.30, breaking American Michael Johnson's 1996 record. Fans have already put the winning race video on DailyMotion: JO Pékin record sur 200m de Boltby bcbg12
The eyes have it.
Science catches up to common wisdom. Nancy Blink-Blink Pelosi, you've been exposed: Yeah, no kidding. Flashback: The Nancy Pelosi Blink Count... Wonder what science says about politicians whose "Uh" counts are sky-high:
My syndicated column today delves into the Democrat Party platform and exposes how untold amounts of taxpayer funding would be steered to militant, George Soros-backed left-wing groups. Welcome to Barack Obama's "Social Investment Fund Network." Follow the money. That goes for both presidential candidates who carry the Soros taint. Ugh. *** The Democrat Party platform's... Read More
Here's today's poll question for registered users:
Stupidity kills.
This one's crying out for Photoshoppers... Really, there's only one thing to type in reaction to this jaw-dropping report on how a BBC charity called "Children in Need" helped fund the 7/7 bombers' jihad-- and how the ninnies dispensing the philanthropic funds didn't want to ask the (non-needy children) terrorist recipients what they were doing... Read More
The JFK Assassination and the 9/11 Attacks?
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.