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DNC Dispatch: the Planned Parenthood Protest; Update: Vid Added
"I don't want a f**king abortion clinic in my neighborhood!"
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Scroll down for updates…vid added…

DENVER — I attended the abortion protest at the new Planned Parenthood mega-facility here in Denver this morning.

The pro-abortion presence was measly. I counted about seven or eight demonstrators who tried to compensate for their low numbers with their loud mouths.

The ignorance of the pro-abort activists is, frankly, astonishing. This woman, Elaine Brower of NY, stood with the small gaggle of pro-Planned Parenthood cheerleaders attacking pro-lifers as racists.

But when asked whether the barbaric eugenics legacy of Planned Parenthood godmother Margaret Sange r bothered her, she told me: “No, I don’t believe that. That’s made up. This has nothing to do with black people.”

Speaking of which: All of the pro-abortion activists I saw were white. Meanwhile, across the street from Planned Parenthood’s palace, I spoke with black and Hispanic mothers who had very strong feelings about abortion. They weren’t there to take part in the protests. They were there because Planned Parenthood had the disgustingly bad taste to build their bloody business right next to a large park and playground. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Park — and it was filled this morning with families watching their sons practice football:

One of the moms, Priscilla, was angry about the construction of the clinic right across from her neighborhood park and said bluntly: “I don’t want a f**king abortion clinic in my neighborhood!” A Hispanic mother added: “It’s against the Catholic Church.” Someone tell Joe Biden. And another black mother of three I spoke to while sitting in her minivan, when asked about her views on abortion, told me simply: “I don’t believe in it.”

But our tax dollars pay for it.

And you’re a woman-hating racist if you oppose it.

And if you want to make your views known at the DNC, you better be quiet about it.

The People’s Press Collective, an impressive group of Denver-area bloggers who have united to provide multimedia coverage of the circus, caught a Democrat clean-up crew quickly dispatched to scrub away pro-life chalk messages left on the sidewalk at the Pepsi Center yesterday:

The message they didn’t want the public to see:

“True change ends abortion.”


Stay tuned here, at Hot Air, and at the People’s Press Collective for more video.

Update: Here’s vid of the protest. Some of my interview with Priscilla, one of the moms angered by Planned Parenthood’s presence, begins at around 5:39:

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