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RNC's New Radio Ad: McCain's a Bigger Hispanderer Than Obama!
"How do you know someone is a friend?"
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Here is the latest RNC radio ad for John McCain. Message: McCain fought harder for illegal alien shamnesty, so Latinos should vote for him!

Just another reminder, my friends, that the GOP establishment continues to 1) treat Hispanics as a monolithic bloc of open-borders sheep; 2) put p.c. pandering above the rule of law; and 3) thumb its nose at the conservative base in pursuit of votes they’re not going to get anyway.

We’re Screwed ’08!


RNC Launches New Radio Ad: “Commitment v. Rhetoric”

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) today announced a new Spanish-language radio advertisement, titled “Commitment v. Rhetoric.” As the Democrats prepare for their national convention in Denver, the radio ad will remind voters that Barack Obama has consistently shown a lack of leadership in defending the interests of the Latino community, while John McCain has consistently taken on the difficult issues facing America.

The Spanish-language ad will begin airing on Monday, August 25. It will air statewide in CO, including Denver, Colorado Springs/Pueblo, Aspen, and Fort Collins/Greeley. The ad will also air in Albuquerque and Las Cruces, New Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; and El Paso, Texas.

:60 Radio Advertisement

Title: “Commitment V. Rhetoric”

How do you know someone is a friend?

You know because they stand up and defend you when it is hard.

When Hispanics needed a friend in Congress during the immigration debate… Who stood up? Who spoke out?

John McCain.

Senator McCain worked with Republicans and Democrats alike to form immigration legislation.

And while the bill didn’t pass, only McCain demonstrated a real commitment to reforming immigration in a way that honored our laws as well as our immigrants and traditions.

And Barack Obama?

Obama did not stand up. Obama did not speak out. And when the time came for him to do the right thing, he did not.

Obama supported measures designed to insert a deadly “poison pill” to kill the immigration legislation.

If Obama didn’t even have the courage to stand up for immigrants, how can he claim to have the strength to change the way Washington works?

John McCain is ready to lead. Barack Obama is not.


RNC, meet the latest Rasmussen poll results: “Immigration priorities: 69% emphasize border enforcement, 21% emphasize amnesty.”

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