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Poll: Coloradans "Not Jumping Up and Down" Over DNC
Indifferent, annoyed, worried.
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The coming of the Obamessiah isn’t impressing Coloradans. Yawn:

Jim McGinley and Joyce Anderson don’t mind that the Democratic National Convention is coming to Denver, just as long as they don’t have to be there.

Despite all the convention hoopla, a Rocky Mountain News/CBS4 News poll found more than half of Coloradans were either indifferent, annoyed or worried about the convention.

Less than 10 percent were thrilled.

“Clearly, Colorado voters are not jumping up and down about the DNC being held in Denver,” said pollster Lori Weigel.

The poll of 500 registered voters found that 34 percent were indifferent, 11 percent were annoyed and 9 percent were worried about the convention’s presence in Denver.

That compared with only 20 percent interested in the convention. Another 15 percent were excited and 9 percent thrilled, the poll found.

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