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McCain Refuses to Defuse Rumors About Pro-Choice VP Pick
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John McCain is on the Laura Ingraham radio show right now. She asked him right off the bat about the pro-choice VP rumors. He refused to dispel the rumors and said it was “one of the hardest decisions” in his life.

Geez. Why so hard to commit to picking someone who shares his pro-life views?

Ingraham asked whether there were some criteria (i.e., supporting life) that were non-negotiable. He repeated that he didn’t want to talk about the process. She said “she spoke for a lot of people” who urged him not to abandon life. Indeed. But I’m not sure he’s listening.

Repeated his talking point: “I have a pro-life record and our administration will have pro-life policies.”

And then they moved on…to China, Clarence Thomas, joking about kite-surfing, ANWR (no change in his drilling opposition).

And no immigration questions. Wonder if that was a condition of the interview.

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Update: Liebs moves up on stage.

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