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Your MSM Racial Bean-Counting Contest
Idiocy in black and white.
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When I first glanced at ABC News blogger Jake Tapper’s post this morning calling on his readers to count the number of young, white women in the latest McCain ad — because, you know, showing Obama with young, white women is RAAAAACIST — I thought it was a clever parody of nutroots racial paranoia.

But no, it seems he was perfectly serious. And his unhinged commenters took the warped ball and ran with it:

McCain’s campaign is so blatantly racist it isn’t funny. They obviously are employing Spike Lee’s theory of fear of the big black johnson.


Glad to see you catching on, Jake. Of course they’d feature white girls as a code for “black man wants your white daughter.” This is not rocket science, it’s subliminal messaging 101.

When McCain chose (he is responsible for any actions of his staff) Paris and Britney as two celebrities in the “Celebrities” ad when Oprah and Tiger are the two most well-known people in the U.S. while Paris and Britney are approach has-been status, you know it’s because comparing Obama with two amazingly talented black persons doesn’t convey the message intended. With Paris and Britney, “sex with white women” is the message. With Oprah and Tiger the message would be “Jeez, black people are brilliant.” Not the message McCain particularly wants to convey.

We are talking about dog whistles and coded racial messages. It’s blatant and it’s real.


McCain campaign trying to get their money’s worth of all those focus groups on how racially biased they could go w/ their ads.

The ad was pulled, but not because of the Leftist grievance-mongering. As Allahpundit notes, incompetent or oblivious boobs in the McCain campaign infringed copyright by including a clip of Wayne’s World in the ad.

But back to the subject at hand: If Tapper wants to play racial bean-counting games and make insinuations of bigotry based on them, let’s turn the tables.

How many black on-air reporters and marquee bloggers and “senior national correspondents” does ABC News have covering the presidential campaign?

Searching…high…and low…can you find them?

And what does that say about the attitude of ABC News towards black reporters? Huh?

I infer that ABC News believes black reporters are not as capable as white reporters!

I infer that ABC News is subliminally instructing its audience to distrust non-white journalists!

I infer that ABC News management does not believe that black faces are as attractive as white faces!

I infer that ABC News hates diversity!

ABC: All Bigots Cleared!

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