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Boot Murtha: GOP Newcomer Bill Russell's Campaign Revs Up
Latest to donate: Fred Thompson!
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Momentum continues to build for GOP upstart Bill Russell, who is generating conservative grass-roots buzz and cash flow for his campaign to unseat entrenched, troop-smearing corruptocrat Jack Murtha. I told you last month about Russell’s impressive fund-raising feat in the second quarter–out-raising the pork king Murtha 6 to 1 despite being unable to actively campaign while on active-duty.

Russell revved up the race this past week after completing his military service and is now out and about on the campaign trail– on his Harley!

Internet activism is buoying the Boot Murtha movement. This is heartening news for the Right and this is a race for conservatives to get behind across the country. Fred Thompson already has:

Republican congressional candidate Bill Russell’s campaign is reporting it raised $400,000 in July alone as it continues its unexpected fundraising success in the 12th Congressional District.

The campaign has now raised $1.3 million in total, in large part from small, individual contributions, according to Campaign Manager Peg Luksik. She said three-fourths of Russell’s money comes from donations totalling less than $50.

The totals have stunned even Russell.

“The big thing has been watching the explosion of money coming into the campaign,” he said.

He also reported the campaign has raised $100,000 through its new Web site, which launched about two weeks ago.

Luksik said the money has come from all over the country as Russell’s race begins to receive more attention from the national media. The campaign this week also received a $2,000 contribution from former GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson, she said.

“This really has turned into a national race,” she said.


Turn it up and turn out to help:

Bill Russell knows how to make an entrance.

Now can he do the seemingly impossible?

Just past midnight Friday, the Republican congressional candidate literally roared into his first campaign event in three months, driving his motorcycle into the center of Uniontown with the help of the military veterans biker group “Rolling Thunder.”

After shaking hands with many of the 40 supporters gathered to greet him, Russell wasted little time taking aim at his opponent, U.S. Rep. John Murtha (D-Johnstown). In a prepared 15-minute speech, the candidate said Murtha’s 30-year tenure in Washington had warped his values and put him “out of touch” with the 12th Congressional District.

“Americans throughout this district, and indeed throughout this nation, have joined me in saying that we want our country back from career Washington politicians who have lost touch with people back home,” Russell said. “Liberty was born in Pennsylvania. Let us join together and give it a rebirth, today.”

Join the Russell Brigade if you haven’t already.

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