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Hey, Nancy, How About a Light?
What are you afraid of, dear? Keep the cameras on.
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Madame Speaker, can you spare a light?

Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi controls the cameras in the House chamber.

C-SPAN sends a reminder:

Media Advisory Concerning C-SPAN and GOP House Members’ Post-adjournment Protest on House Floor Friday Afternoon

Washington, D.C. (August 1, 2008) – A number of media organizations have incorrectly referred to “C-SPAN cameras” being turned off and not providing televised coverage of the GOP House members’ post-adjournment protest on energy policy being held on the House floor on Friday afternoon. Please note that cameras in the House chamber are under the control of the Speaker of the House and that all media organizations, including C-SPAN, wishing to cover events in the chamber must use the official House TV feed. No private media cameras are permitted in the House (or Senate) chambers.

So, to recap: The “most open and ethical House ever” went dark– and C-SPAN and every other media outlet were powerless to broadcast the proceedings of the GOP revolt–because Nancy Pelosi and the Dems didn’t want the public to see and hear the voices of GOP lawmakers on the House floor talking about their energy proposals.

Nancy, is this how you advise America’s daughters to use their power?

What are you afraid of?

Tell Nancy to keep the cameras rolling when our representatives are on the floor. Here’s her blog.


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