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ACORN Watch: New Whistleblower Affidavits
Your tax dollars at work.
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The Consumers Rights League continues to expose the shady dealings of Barack Obama’s old friends at ACORN. And we’ll continue to keep the spotlight on them. As I continue to remind you:

It’s your money!

Details from CRL:

The Consumers Rights League has published a collection of whistleblower documents that suggest “consumer advocacy” group ACORN has reaped substantial financial gains by misusing taxpayer dollars for political ends. These internal emails and policies suggest that ACORN has failed to maintain a proper distinction between its tax-exempt housing work and its aggressive political activities.

Now, The Consumers Rights League (CRL) has released newly obtained affidavits from former ACORN and Acorn Housing Corporation (AHC) employees that attest to ACORN and AHC’s illegal practices of using taxpayer dollars to fund political activity. The evidence continues to mount and now with these whistleblowers’ offer to help, Congress must act.

The new affidavits are here and here from former ACORN employees who detail the shared funding between ACORN and AHC.


Meanwhile, ACORN’s busy bullying mortgage firms in Arizona.

Just a reminder: You can thank President Bush for putting more public tax dollars in ACORN’s coffers. As I reported before, there’s $230 million in “mortgage counseling” money in the housing bill Bush signed this week that will go to ACORN and other left-wing groups.

Thanks for nothing, President Bush.

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