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Sanctuary: the San Francisco Curse
"[W]here is the compassion for the injustice inflicted upon American citizens?"
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I’ve reported on the disastrous consequences of illegal alien sanctuary laws for the past eight years, in columns, books, and blog posts. San Francisco’s policy is one of the longest standing and most damaging. Cinammon Stillwell has an excellent piece flaying the San Fran libs in the wake of the city’s acknowledgement of its Honduran crack dealer shuttle service and dumping program.

What Cinammon says of SF goes for every city across the country that officially looks the other way at our immigration laws and endangers its citizens in the name of “compassion” and “justice:”

While San Francisco’s sanctuary city ordinance may have been well-intentioned, it has resulted in an untenable and anarchic situation that is taking its toll on city residents and surrounding counties alike. Providing sanctuary for law-breakers at the expense of law-abiding citizens is neither a compassionate nor a moral approach. The issue is not one of callousness towards illegal immigrants, but rather, the duty owed American citizens by their government. In some respects, every layer of the government has failed this test, but in this case, it’s the local government that is absconding on its duties. And all San Francisco officials can seem to offer up is more of the same.

They don’t call it the Wild West for nothing.

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