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Gitmo Detainee: I Was Groped!
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I started the day with a garish Gitmo stunt from the lawyer who exposed his briefs. I end with another one–from bin Laden driver and Gitmo detainee Salim Hamdan, whom the NYPost reports is distressed by an American female interrogator who touched his thigh. Love the Post headline: “Afraid of girls.” Will Hamdan’s lawyer be giving a thigh demonstration? Crikey, I hope not:

Oh, the torture!

Osama bin Laden’s former personal driver, held in Guantanamo Bay, claimed today that he was sexually humiliated by a touchy-feely female interrogator who groped him.

Salim Ahmed Hamdan’s lawyer says the terror cuddling should force a judge to throw out any statements made to authorities during his confinement.

According to Hamdan, the woman put her hand on his thigh and behaved in an “improper” way that made him uncomfortable as a Muslim.

“She came very close with her whole body toward me,” he testified through an interpreter. “I couldn’t do anything.”

It was unclear if he was turned on by her advances.

Hamdan, a 37-year-old Yemeni, became visibly disturbed when his lawyer asked him about the female interrogator.

Like a child victim of sexual abuse, he refused to specifically enunciate where the woman touched him – instead he pointed to his waist.

“It’s difficult for me to say that,” said Hamdan. “A woman behaved in an improper way with a man, without me doing anything.”

He is scheduled to face trial next week by a US military tribunal on charges of conspiracy and providing support to terrorism. He faces up to life in prison.


In other Gitmo sob-story news, a video tape of Canadian militant Muslim teenager Omar Khadr’s interrogations is making the rounds.

Note well:

Retired Sgt. 1st Class Layne Morris, 46, a Special Forces soldier who was injured in the firefight at the Afghanistan compound where Khadr was captured, said Tuesday that the release of the interrogation video is a “pathetic attempt at manipulating public opinion.”

“That’s not just a 16-year-old boy snapped up off the streets,” said Morris, who lost sight in his right eye when he was hit by shrapnel. “This is a demonstrated, hardened killer who is not happy with his new perspective on life, which is that he’s going to be spending a long, long time in U.S. custody.”

I wrote about Omar Khadr here. My final word remains the same: Save your tears for Sgt. First Class

Christopher Speer.

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