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GOP Rep. John Peterson's latest bid to lift domestic offshore drilling restrictions, which I blogged earlier today here, was killed this afternoon by the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior and the Environment. It was a straight, party line vote. Dems against: Chair: Norman D. Dicks (WA) James P. Moran (VA) Maurice D. Hinchey (NY) John... Read More
Race-hustler to the rescue!
Al Sharpton. I guess the educrats think that memorizing "Kill the police" chants will help close the achievement gap.
More mush.
A Medal of Freedom.
GOP Rep. John Peterson of Pennsylvania offered an amendment a year ago to permit offshore natural gas drilling. It was defeated 196-233 by do-nothing Democrats now panicked over high gas prices and forecasts of declining energy supplies from non-OPEC nations. Peterson is pushing his amendment again today before a House Appropriations subcommittee, but it's another... Read More
The capitalist-bashing former NY AG and Dem Luv Guv is starting a "vulture fund." Fitting, don't you think? Eliot Spitzer, in his first big business venture since he was shamed out of office by a prostitution scandal, is shopping around a plan to start a vulture fund that would scoop up distressed real estate assets... Read More
Kinder, gentler, lamer.
On his farewell trip in Europe, President Bush distances himself from...himself. Not the first time. And won't be the last. He's putting the lame in lame duck. Paul Mirengoff quips: "President Bush seems determined to drive his approval rating down to roughly zero percent."
Cry me a river.
The Times on the East and the Times on the West ran similarly-themed pieces today casting Republicans as wife-beaters. NYT columnist Maureen Dowd decries the supposed GOP strategy of "mincing Michelle" Obama--conveniently neglecting the fact that the purported "whitey" tape rumors were initiated and perpetuated by Hillary liberals and conveniently neglecting the fact that it... Read More
Calm down.
Inevitable: They were fighting over $4.30/gallon gas: Reyes, who has three children and a family medical practice in La Palma, was waiting in line at the members-only store for gas that is generally offered at lower prices than in surrounding gas stations, Morales said. "I believe it was $4.30" a gallon, Morales said. The woman... Read More
"Animal killers."
I am so sure we'll see the Left rise up and condemn this radical thuggery against animal rights researchers. I am so sure we'll see UC Berkeley students organize to protest the property destruction, vandalism, and harassment of the targeted academics. I am so sure we'll see Nancy Pelosi deliver a House floor speech in... Read More
Hello, Congress? Plus: "Buy-and-bail."
I have yet to hear a single member of Congress question the ongoing financial and ethics scandal involving deadbeat, defaulting Democrat Rep. Laura Richardson. How much more dirt has to be dug up before the "most ethical House" ever takes action on this corruptocrat? To recap: A local Sacramento paper first reported three weeks ago... Read More
Washington games.
Scroll for updates...2:55pm Eastern breaking...Jim Johnson off of Obama veep committee...another one under the bus...stay tuned for more...See-Dubya knew it was coming and was ready to deploy the jacked-up Obama bus photoshop...distraction! distraction!...Riddle from commenter Jim M.: "What's the new name for an advisor to the Obama campaign? Answer: Speed bump... My syndicated column this... Read More
Tune in.
I'll be on Fox and Friends at around 7:07am this morning to talk politics. (Update: Here's the vid.) What's on your minds?
...and the bad news...
Bad news: It's not for America, but for Mexico and Central America. The Merida Initiative, which I have blogged about extensively (see here), passed earlier today by a 311-106 margin. Via CQ Politics: The bill would authorize $595 million for fiscal 2008, $645 million for fiscal 2009 and $350 million for fiscal 2010. The Senate... Read More
Er, um, uhhhhh...
Here we go again.
Your move, Nancy.
From GOP leader John Boehner's office. Discharge this, Nancy Pelosi: House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement on a discharge petition filed by Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) to force Democratic leaders to schedule a vote on the No More Excuses Energy Act (H.R. 3089), legislation authored by Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX)... Read More
"...a, um, I mean..."
The video-- "uh, um, I mean"--speaks for itself, but go here for all the background:
It's primary day in South Carolina. GOP Sen. Lindsay Graham has spent more than $3 million to stave off longshot Republican challenger Buddy Witherspoon. All of Grahamnesty's opponents--GOP and Dem--have blasted his leading role with McCain and Kennedy in the illegal alien shamnesty debacle last year: U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham looked to fend off a... Read More
STDs in NYC. busy sleeping around. And paying the consequences. A new report yesterday revealed that New Yorkers have a higher-than-average rate of genital herpes than the rest of the nation, despite NYC government officials giving out 48 million free condoms since 2007 to help curb infections. Via City Room: Perhaps ABC News should do a follow-up... Read More
Scroll down for updates...10:07am Eastern: Reid is on the Senate floor whining about GOP obstruction...McConnell: Carter windfall profits tax was a "miserable failure" and would be again...See Ben Lieberman's legislative analysis of the Dem energy measures here...11:23am Eastern Vote now underway on whether to move forward with S3044...Reid needs 60 votes...11:52am Eastern. Cloture motion fails,... Read More
Citizenship test.
Jim Geraghty takes a look at longstanding blog buzz over Barack Obama's birth certificate, which the campaign refused to release to the St. Petersburg Times in April: Has anyone seen it? Why shouldn't the record be in the public domain for presidential candidates? Geraghty walks through various rumors now circulating in the wake of the... Read More
The nutroots crusade continues.
Scroll for updates... In case you've been missing impeachment mob theater, the lead actor is back. Rep. Dennis Kucinich was back on the House floor tonight introducing a 35-count resolution to impeach President Bush. Kucinich delayed introducing the impeachment resolution after speaking with House Judiciary Committee members in January. Guess he got a green light.... Read More
Bills, bills, bills.
Didn't want this one to get lost over the weekend. Our favorite deadbeat, defaulting Democrat Rep. Laura Richardson's unpaid bill total keeps mounting. Paying your home loans, campaign bills, copier bils, and car bills is for suckas. I remind you again that this woman cruised to an easy, breezy primary victory last week. From the... Read More
Who has "withered up and died?"
Scroll down for updates...e-mail from Texas GOP convention attendee... The Texas GOP convened its party convention this week. It's finding the same problem plaguing the party in other states and at the national level: Disgruntled grass-roots. The Houston Chronicle quotes GOP officials calling disatisfied conservatives "grumpy" and "grouchy." These leaders seem to believe the grass-roots... Read More
"It's time that George stops disappearing and start to take charge."
Thankfully, not everyone in Chicago is a fan of racial demagogue Rev. Michael Pfleger's "flair"-- or of the Catholic Church's lack of backbone in dealing with the rogue priest. Reader Michael Hall e-mails: Michelle, I have known Mike Pfleger for a long time. My brother-in-law was in the seminary with him and Mike baptized my... Read More
Obamedia watch.
After constant exposure to Obamessiah imagery, happy dances, hagiographic profiles, tingling, weeping, and ogling, voters conclude that yes, yes, mainstream journalists are in the tank for Obama. Rasmussen via Allahpundit: Well, duh
First Lady Laura Bush made a surprise visit to Afghanistan over the weekend to push for more world aid for the war-torn country and to lobby for women's rights/education. She met with Afghan president Hamid Karzai and greeted US troops at Bagram. Unlike some first ladies, she doesn't need to embellish reports of her trip... Read More
"Father Pfleger has a certain flair."
Well, it looks like the Catholic Church in Chicago has lost whatever balls it found when it temporarily suspended Pfoaming-at-the-mouth preacher of hate Michael Pfleger for his racially poisoned sermon a few weeks ago. Because he's baaaack. Again. The Chicago Trib reports that Obama's longtime friend and earmark recipient will return to St. Sabina on... Read More
Counterinsurgency in the Bay Area public schools.
I've been following the battle over the JROTC program in the San Francisco public schools for the last year and a half. When last we visited the fight in December, the program had been given a temporary reprieve--much to the consternation of the anti-war zealots who oppose the hundreds and hundreds of students (many of... Read More
Unconventional wisdom from Lawrence Solomon at the Financial Times in response to the global warming alarmists: Unlike the many scientists who welcome CO2 for its benefits, many other scientists and most governments believe carbon dioxide to be a dangerous pollutant that must be removed from the atmosphere at all costs. Governments around the world are... Read More
Talk amongst yourselves.
Will you be tuning into the Hillary speech-- or doing something more fruitful with your time today? I'll be listening while on the road. Feel free to shoot the breeze. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Scroll down for updates...12:31pm Eastern Still a no-show. C-SPAN says she's running upwards of an hour late. Hmmmm...Allahpundit's got all the latest at Hot Air... Hillary's giving her concession speech today at noon. Her campaign will run the full statement on her website. You'll be able to find it everywhere else on TV and the... Read More
"Crisis on Omaha."
Today is the 64th anniversary of D-Day. Two items for you to commemorate. 1) First, read Ronald Reagan's unforgettable Pointe du Hoc speech on the 40th anniversary. 2) Watch this brilliant video produced last year by The Combat Report on how today's media would have covered the 1944 Normandy invasion. Dead on:
Tingly all over.
Via US magazine, Oprah says she's "euphoric" over her buddy Barack O's triumph: "'I've been doing the happy dance all day,' she tells Entertainment Tonight." Perhaps Oprah can invite the MSNBC producer who wept over Obama on her show. Next, they can interview Chris Matthews' leg to discuss their collective state of enthrallment and en-tingle-ment.... Read More
Marriage from hell.
The Democrat presidential nominee and his arch-rival met yesterday in D.C., where they reportedly had a "productive discussion" about "unity." All the continued Beltway chatter of an Obama-Clinton ticket reminds me of the 1980s marriage-gone-bad movie, "The War of the Roses." Barack + Hillary = Oliver Rose/Michael Douglas + Barbara Rose/Kathleen Turner = union from... Read More
Scroll down for updates...Bill is killed for now; Dems fall 12 votes short Good news: The Lieberman--Warner eco-boondoggle is set to go down in flames today. But this is no time to rest. While the massive tax hike/green slush fund bill will most likely be shelved, it'll come back sooner or later. And when it... Read More
Invisible threads.
Blackfive's Matt Burden sends another unsung story of "military people and their families taking care of the rest of the world." Read it.
Obamedia Watch.
When female journalists aren't staring at Barack Obama's jeans, they're bawling their eyes out. Via Eric Gargiulo, here's MSNBC anchor Mika Brezinski talking about how her producer gal pal broke down and shed tears of joy upon learning that their savior had clinched the Democrat presidential nomination. Have a extra-heavy-duty air sickness bag handy:
Tinfoil hat alert.
It's the latest Democrat National Committee conspiracy. Watch out for a tinfoil shortage this summer.
Name that party!
Yep, we've got another deadbeat, defaulting politician on our hands. Guess how many paragraphs you have to read before her political affiliation is revealed? Hint for those who don't have the time to dig deep down to find it: She's a member of the same party to which deadbeat, defaulting Congresswoman Laura Richardson belongs. Via... Read More
Here's an update on the Texas school that failed to inform parents about a mandatory Islam presentation taught by CAIR officials (background here). The principal who allowed it has been reassigned. Via the Houston Chronicle blog: Take it with a grain of salt. CAIR hopes to give their presentation at other public schools. You've been... Read More
Boots on the ground.
Vets for Freedom chairman Pete Hegseth makes the case in the WSJ today. A snippet: Will Obama go? I doubt it. Obama can't afford to risk any exposure to the inconve
(Graphic via Defend Our Marines) Paging John Murtha: Haditha Marine Lt. Andrew Grayson found not guilty on all counts. See if you can find the story on the NYTimes or any other MSM outlet that splashed the original accusations all over their front pages. You'll need a magnifying glass. Go to Defend Our Marines for... Read More
I'll be on Fox and Friends at around 7:15am-ish to talk politics. What's on your minds?
"This isn’t the Tony Rezko I knew."
"This isn’t the Tony Rezko I knew." That was Barack Obama's response to his corrupt crony's convictions. Q: How many times can Barack Obama claim to be shocked, shocked by the behavior of his longtime friends? A: As long as the press keeps ogling, he'll surf his way to November.
Another one under the bus.
Scroll for updates... It's coming. But you know, it's just a "distraction." And this discussion is definitely not good for Barack and Michelle Obama's kids. ABC: "The jury in the federal corruption trial of Antonin Rezko has reached a verdict, according to the court. The verdict will be delivered in court at 3:45 p.m. central... Read More
An illustration of double standards.
I have an entire blog category devoted to assassination chic. It's a staple of the unhinged Left, whose writers, playwrights, artists, documentarians, and politicians can't get enough of BDS-infused merchandise, jokes, child brainwashing, and signage. Yes, there's the occasional gaffe on the Right (hello, Mike Huckabee), but scroll through my assassination chic posts and you'll... Read More
Here's a handy tour of flaky Michael Pfleger "through the years." His good, mutual America-damning friend Jeremiah Wright is appealing to the Catholic Church to reinstate him. A few of his radical flock are even holding a hunger strike in his honor. Pfleger's still moping, but at least he has his dog: "I asked the... Read More
The deadbeat corruptocrat they deserve. Plus: Ed McMahon's house woes.
Well, I guess the voters of the 37th congressional district in California don't care if they're represented by a habitual deadbeat. Democrat Rep. Laura Richardson, the serial home loan defaulter, cruised to an easy primary victory. Three weeks after a Sacramento weekly publication first exposed her serial mortgage woes and default-for-campaign cash scheme, her Democrat... Read More
My syndicated column this week turns the spotlight on the nefarious business practices of the government-funded, billion-dollar Planned Parenthood empire. Congress has interrogated banking, energy, tobacco, and oil execs--treating them like serial killers before the cameras. When will they go after a corrupt industry that has real blood on its hands? On a related front,... Read More
Sniper-ready! The open-borders blunder: The black-ccent: Thanks for the memories, Hill. Cast your vote:
Our Reigning Political Puppets, Dancing to Invisible Strings
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