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Animal Rights Thugs Terrorizing Berkeley Researchers
"Animal killers."
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I am so sure we’ll see the Left rise up and condemn this radical thuggery against animal rights researchers. I am so sure we’ll see UC Berkeley students organize to protest the property destruction, vandalism, and harassment of the targeted academics. I am so sure we’ll see Nancy Pelosi deliver a House floor speech in defense of the Bay area scientists.


Via the SFChronicle with a hat tip to reader Andy G.:

Officials have been trying to keep it quiet, but 24 UC Berkeley researchers and seven staffers have been harassed by animal rights activists in recent months, in some cases having their homes or cars vandalized.

“What they all have in common is that they all work in animal research,” UC Berkeley spokesman Robert Sanders said of the targeted employees.

In several instances, the activists have shown up outside researchers’ homes in the middle of the night with bullhorns and chanting, “Animal killers.” Sometimes they have scrawled slogans on the sidewalk in chalk.

On more than one occasion, rocks have been thrown through the researchers’ windows and their cars have been scratched up.

“Sometimes (the activists) go up to the door,” Sanders said, “which can be very frightening to the family.”

According to UC, there have been 20 reports of damage to researchers’ homes in Berkeley, Oakland and El Cerrito since August, including seven broken house windows and three vandalized cars.

Thirteen researchers have been harassed on more than one occasion, authorities said. One researcher, who studies how cat brains work for epilepsy research, has reported seven incidents at his home.

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