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Primary Day for Grahamnesty; Update: Grahamnesty Cruises to Victory as Expected
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It’s primary day in South Carolina. GOP Sen. Lindsay Graham has spent more than $3 million to stave off longshot Republican challenger Buddy Witherspoon. All of Grahamnesty’s opponents–GOP and Dem–have blasted his leading role with McCain and Kennedy in the illegal alien shamnesty debacle last year:

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham looked to fend off a Republican challenge during primary elections Tuesday that will test what South Carolinians think about his strong ties to John McCain and their work on a failed illegal immigration measure.

Challenger Buddy Witherspoon, a retired orthodontist and former Republican National Committee member, has criticized the one-term incumbent as too liberal for this conservative state. Graham has even taken heat on the immigration reform from the Democratic side of the ballot; two newcomers to state politics also seek their party’s nomination for the seat Tuesday.

But Graham has a dominating war chest and name recognition and few observers believed his re-election bid was in danger. McCain, after all, did win the January primary here and Graham has used his endorsement in television ads.

“My re-election, I think, will benefit South Carolina because if he gets to be president, South Carolina’s interests will have a receptive audience due to our relationship,” Graham told The Associated Press in a recent interview. “I want to help him do the hard things.”

It’s a description that fits the immigration measure, which would have provided a path to citizenship. At the state GOP convention a year ago, the crowd booed and shouted “No” at Graham’s explanations of the bill.

And yet, Graham is expected to win easily today.

La Raza is cheering.


Update: Sigh.

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