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Only 13 GOP Senators Voted Against the Lieberman-Warner Green Boondoggle
Standing up...or sitting it out.
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Keeping you up to date: I told you this morning about the Lieberman-Warner “climate change” boondoggle. At 6:25pm Eastern tonight, the Senate voted on the Cloture Motion (Motion to Invoke Cloture on the Motion to Proceed to Consider S.3036 ). It passed 74-14, with 12 not voting.

Thirteen GOP senators plus Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd (yes, Robert Byrd) opposed the massive eco-pork bill that would perpetuate the carbon offset/cap-and-trade fraud.


And here are the no-shows:


Debate resumes on the Senate floor tomorrow.

Keep an eye on McCain.


Greg Mueller sends some choice quotes from the debate earlier today:

Senator Sessions: “It will make american businesses less competitive in the world, and it will surely damage our economy. It will also be, as everyone who looks at it will admit, a secret, sneaky tax. It’s a tax of about $7 trillion on the American people.”

Senator Inhofe: “We as Republicans believe any legislation that attempts to address climate change must protect American families and must protect U.S. workers and has to maintain global fairness. Finally, offer clean energy solutions…I find it most difficult to vote to proceed to the largest tax increase in the history of America. The mechanics of this bill, the impacts, the costs have never been fully debated and they deserve to be.”

Senator Bond: “We should pursue cutting carbon emissions. but we can’t slash family budgets, knock farmers and workers out of jobs and out of productive revenue. At a time when Americans are suffering record pain at the pump, high energy costs, mortgage costs, a soft economy, I am very very concerned about raising energy prices on our families and workers.”

Senator Boxer: “The fact of the matter, we wouldn’t lock our child in a hot car, you know, in front of a supermarket. We cannot consign the next generation to a hot planet.”


Read Chris Horner at Planet Gore to see the green slush fund in action. (See also here.)

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