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The Beyonce Backlash Builds; Plus: She's Pregnant? Hide the Baby Clothes!
Ho couture.
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My column on Beyonce’s new brand of pedophila chic continues to transcend partisanship in a good way. A few examples:

Dear Michelle:

You and I could not be farther apart in our politics, but I am totally with you on this issue. Your column on Beyonce’s clothing line appeared in today’s Kansas City Star. I have granddaughters whom I don’t want to be tempted by this stuff, much less wear it! Hopefully by contacting Macy’s and other retailers we patronize, we can get their attention. I hope so. Thanks for the article.

Sincerely, Janelle Lazzo.


Hi Michelle

As it says in the subject line, I am a devout liberal (a gay Jewish one at that) and have on many occasions, disagreed vehemently with your opinions.

However, I just read your article “Beyonce’s New Brand of Pedophilia Chic” and you could not be more right about this. Just seeing the picture of that advertisement made me disgusted. Not even your description in the article prepared me for the pictures in the actual ad. One point I think you missed in your article is how truly damaging these images can be for kids. Seeing these glamorized young slappers, as they would say in England, contribute to the whole body image problem we have in our society that affects young women. It breaks my heart whenever I think of some young girl thinking that she is too fat. I cannot even begin to tell you how annoyed I am at my gay friends and the body image obsession that has infected our community. (I’m 280 lbs. and when I hear my swizzel stick thin friends say their too fat, I just slap my belly and say “Excuse ME???”)

You also brought up A&F and honestly I have no problem with them (at least in their regular stores. I do not know about the ads in the kids version of their store), I just wish they would admit what their advertising is, which is softcore homoerotic porn. That I have no problem with, but I guess I didn’t need to tell you that.

Take care,

Charles Bright


Ms. Malkin –

I have rarely responded to editorials, but I want to applaud your column regarding provocative children’s clothing and advertising. I wrote a letter to the Kansas City Star and I hope it is published. In fact, I hope many other parents rise up and display their outrage at how our children are being used.

I believe there needs to be a national movement to curtail the pervasive sexualization of young girls in our society – literally offering them up to willing pedophiles and pornographers who traipse about in the guise of “artistic” photographers. These innocents have no reason to be portrayed as or perceive themselves to be “sexy” – most of them don’t even know what that means, and that is called exploitation.

Please write more about this subject if you can. The responsibility for the safety of children begins with the parents and how they help youngsters to develop, how they allow them to dress and how they teach them modesty and appropriate behavior.


Thank you, again, for being one courageous voice and for calling a major “star” to task for her irresponsible, deplorable actions. Just a note – I am not a right-wing conservative offering a knee-jerk reaction. I am a liberal who’s emotions on this subject have been seething for quite some time and who has raised three children to well-adjusted adulthood.


Rhesa Dane

Jenice Armstrong at the Philadelphia Daily News weighs in, tying the latest prom dress gone wild story to Beyonce’s collection:

Remember the turn Jennifer Lopez’s career took after she attended the Grammys in that green Versace gown opened practically all the way down the front?

Now it looks as if tween sensation Miley Cyrus is one of the latest to get sucked in. Hannah Montana’s alter-ego may be only 15, but I’ll bet she had at least an inkling what she was doing baring all that skin in her controversial Vanity Fair photo spread.

It also doesn’t help that the fashion industry cooperates, despite growing criticism about oversexualization of girls’ clothing. One of the latest companies blasted for this kind of thing was Beyonce’s House of Dereon, which unveiled a print ad campaign for a line of children’s clothes featuring elementary-aged girls all tarted up, wearing pouty facial expressions.

I understand that the little Beyonce wannabes were outfitted like that to show they’re playing dress-up. But the question I have is: dressed up like what? And for what purpose?

Surely, the House of Dereon, which Beyonce heads along with her mother, Tina Knowles, doesn’t have to tart up little kids to persuade parents to buy over-priced jeans outfits. But this shows how girls are getting the message earlier than ever that being sexy is what matters above all else. So, is it any wonder that, by the time they’re high- school seniors, some girls resort to what Marche [Taylor] did?

On a related note, Beyonce is rumored to be pregnant. Let’s hope she doesn’t do for infant apparel what’s she done to little girls’ clothes.



For those of you who are Macy’s customers looking to voice your opinion on the retailer’s decision to carry the House of Dereon girls’ collection, here’s contact info.

And for those of you looking for House of Dereon contact info, here:

Customer Service

eFashion Solutions

888.810.3884 201.601.4236

Monday – Friday 9am – 9pm EST

Saturday 10am – 5pm EST

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