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Look Who's Defending an HIV-Infected Spitter
Crime and punishment.
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You’ll never guess who came to the defense of an HIV-infected criminal who repeatedly threatened police officers in Dallas.

Actually, you’ll have no problem guessing his identity.

It’s the spit-speckled clown himself! Watch as he indignantly turns the story — about a convict who intentionally tried to infect police officers with AIDS and posed a public-safety menace — into a red-herring sermon about discrimination against law-abiding AIDS patients:

The bottom line in the case is not how likely transmission of the AIDS virus through saliva is. It’s about the HIV-infected criminal’s malicious intent.

Is 35 years excessive? I think so.

But the jury took into account the man’s history of assaulting law enforcement officers (and other prisoners). They considered his intent. They followed the laws on the books governing habitual offenders. And there is ample legal precedent for prosecuting spitting as a crime:

In a 2007 decision by the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeal, intentionally spitting on someone is “an offensive touching that rises to the level of simple assault,” that can be punished by up to six months in prison.

…at least nine HIV-positive individuals in the US have previously been sentenced to much longer prison terms for spitting. A 2003 analysis from the Yale University Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS “found 24 instances of prosecutions for spitting…[and] convictions for HIV exposure in eight cases, in which there were two convictions for attempted murder, two for criminal exposure to HIV, one for assault with a deadly weapon, two for assault, and one for battery by body waste. The sentences imposed ranged from 90 days in jail to 25 years incarceration to life imprisonment.”

Lesson for drooling idiots: Keep your spit to yourself.

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