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McCain and la Raza/the Race: A "Serious Lapse of Judgment"
The company he keeps.
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The open-borders media has been AWOL on John McCain’s decision to speak to the radical racialist group, La Raza/The Race in July. He has been allowed to skate on the issue in several recent sit-down interviews. Many of the same pundits who blasted Barack Obama for his ties to the radical racialist Jeremiah Wright have nothing to say about McCain’s longtime association with the shamnesty-pushing, sovereignty-undermining, publicly-subsidized shakedown artists of La Raza/The Race.

Not everyone’s looking the other way. Editorial page editor Colin McNickle at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review warned today:

“McCain had made significant progress in reaching out to conservatives over the last month or so. But his La Raza embrace is a serious lapse of judgment, one of a number of lapses that, if the primaries are a valid indicator, could lead to a full quarter of the Republican electorate staying home on Nov. 4.”

Guess McCain’s counting on all his left-wing global warming fear-mongering friends to make up the difference.


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