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Say No to Left-Wing Housing Boondoggle
Wake up, GOP.
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The House votes today on two more housing bill boondoggles stuffed with goodies for left-wing groups. In addition to that $25 million earmark for La Raza-The Race’s “Development Fund,” there’s another $25 million set aside for the National Urban League (see page 515 of the PDF) and a $35 million slush fund for trial lawyers cashing in on the subprime mess.

While clueless Beltway Republicans melt down and wonder why they’re hemmorhaging money and grass-roots support, the Dems are poised to ram through more public subsidies to pay off their radical political allies under the guise of “solving” the housing crisis.

Earth to Republicans: Capitulationism is the problem, not the solution.

Remind your GOP representatives.

Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121

Office of the House Republican Leader

H-204 The Capitol

Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-4000

Fax: (202) 225-5117


Office of the Chairman

Mike Duncan, RNC Chairman

Phone: 202-863-8700

Fax: 202-863-8820

Email: [email protected]


Amen to this:

Referring to these provisions, Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) told reporters that the legislation was a “bailout for lawyers, lenders and La Raza.”

In a closed-door meeting with Republicans Tuesday morning, he said, “There is so much wrong with this bill that if you can’t find something that gives you reason to oppose it, then you don’t deserve to be here.”

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