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How About Reaching Out to These Hispanics, McCain?
La Raza doesn't speak for them.
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You’ll recall that John McCain’s sanctimonious reason for agreeing to speak to his friends at the radical, open-borders La Raza-The Race conference in July is that it is “part of his commitment to talking with all Americans.”

Well, let’s test how committed he is to “talking with all Americans” and “reaching out” to all Latino voters.

Why not reach out to the Hispanic group, “You Don’t Speak for Me?” Or does the McCain camp’s Latino outreach only extend to those who will stand by his side when he ditches his border security lip service and moves full steam ahead on comprehensive illegal alien amnesty?

About “Yout Don’t Speak for Me:”

You Don’t Speak for Me formed when Col. Al Rodriguez became fed up watching media coverage of the mass protests of April. “Their leaders were saying it was a march for immigrant rights and a Latino/Hispanic movement,” says Rodriguez. “I thought to myself, ‘Hey, those are illegal aliens, not immigrants!'” Col. Rodriguez began speaking out to others saying, “I’m of Hispanic ancestry and those people are acting like they speak for me. Well, you don’t speak for me!”

Col. Rodriguez began asking others to help him reach more people who felt the same way and You Don’t Speak for Me formed from this loose coalition of individuals. It is a group of concerned Americans of Hispanic/Latino heritage, some first or second generation, others recent legal immigrants, who believe illegal immigration harms America and a guest worker amnesty will do the same.

What in their platform of principles doesn’t McCain agree with? This is bona fide straight talk:

Our Principles

We are Americans of Hispanic heritage who believe in America. We believe in the governmental institutions and laws that make this country the greatest in the world. It is because of this strong belief in the principles of freedom, individual liberties, the rule of law, and democracy that we formed You Don’t Speak for Me!: American Hispanic Voices Speaking Out Against Illegal Immigration.

American Hispanic voices are being shouted down by the hate and race-directed rhetoric of those who do not appreciate the laws of our country. We of You Don’t Speak for Me! give voice to those without a voice and those whose opposition to illegal immigration is drowned out by illegal aliens and their supporters marching in the streets demanding undeserved “rights” of U.S. citizens.

We are standing together to say to the those who come here illegally and those who would give amnesty to those who have broken our laws, you are wrong and you should not be claiming to speak for all American Hispanics. You Don’t Speak for Me!

Our principles are simple:

All immigration should be legal

Illegal immigration hurts everyone, while carefully planned legal immigration helps. We believe in stopping illegal immigration and securing the national and economic future of our nation.

Illegal aliens from any country should never be rewarded with benefits or privileges


Becoming an American citizen is a unique and wonderful privilege. The legal route to becoming a citizen is not easy and requires patience and hard work. Those who break the law and come illegally should not be granted any benefits or privileges. No driver’s license, no welfare benefits, no free health care, no in-state tuition – simply put . . . no state or federal benefits!

No amnesty – no way!

Amnesty is rewarding people who break the law. From past experience we have learned that granting amnesty only leads to increased illegal immigration. Those here illegally are taking advantage of our compassion. We say No Amnesty-No Way!

Secure our borders now and fully enforce immigration laws

The best way to stop the flow of illegal immigration coming across our borders is to build a high security fence along the length of our southern border where the majority of illegal traffic takes place. We must also vigorously enforce our existing immigration laws. Local and state law enforcement should be free to enforce immigration laws. Employers who hire illegal workers should be heavily fined and if a pattern of practice is established their owners/corporate officers should be fined and jailed for the offenses and the corporate charter revoked. Identification documents must be limited and strong security measures like biometrics applied to documents of foreign workers. American citizens driver’s licenses are now secured by the Real ID Act, non-citizens should be required to present documents not susceptible to fraud and counterfeit, and include biometric security measures – especially for work purposes.

Learn and speak English

Learning the language of this country is the very least an immigrant can do. Learn and speak English. Learn the history of this country. Learn the Constitution and civics. Learn and practice the principles that make America the greatest country in the world.

These Hispanic Americans defiantly reject the radical open-borders agenda of La Raza-The Race.

But look which group the GOP presidential candidate is pandering to this summer.

And Republicans wonder why grass-roots conservatives see less and less of a difference between the parties.

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