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Leaving the Church of Hate for the Church of Oprah
"She has her own following."
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Newsweek is reporting, based on two anonymous sources, that Oprah Winfrey left Jeremiah Wright’s flock because of his venomous sermons.

I’m not buying it.

How convenient now to go public, through proxies, with her concerns–which she apparently had about Wright dating back to the early 1990s:

According to two sources, Winfrey was never comfortable with the tone of Wright’s more incendiary sermons, which she knew had the power to damage her standing as America’s favorite daytime talk-show host. “Oprah is a businesswoman, first and foremost,” said one longtime friend, who requested anonymity when discussing Winfrey’s personal sentiments. “She’s always been aware that her audience is very mainstream, and doing anything to offend them just wouldn’t be smart. She’s been around black churches all her life, so Reverend Wright’s anger-filled message didn’t surprise her. But it just wasn’t what she was looking for in a church.”

The Newsweek report points to a more plausible primary reason for her departure from Wright’s Church of Hate: Her ego.

In conversations at the time with a former business associate, who also asked for anonymity, Winfrey cited her fatigue with organized religion and a desire to be involved with a more inclusive ministry. In time, she found one: her own. “There is the Church of Oprah now,” said her longtime friend, with a laugh. “She has her own following.”


HA Headlines commenter Jim708:

It makes perfect sense that Oprah deeped her association with Wright years ago. She is one smart lady, hense her being richer than just about every politician in the country……..combined.

She understands her audience. Too bad the three idiots running for President don’t.


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