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Mystery at Goose Creek Update: Bombs Away
Jihadi PCs.
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Here’s the latest on those two former University of South Florida students who were just driving around aimlessly with “fireworks” in South Carolina. It appears that one of the Goose Creek Two had tons of jihadi and bomb/ammo videos on his home computers, not just the one YouTube video that’s already been revealed.

Curiouser and curiouser still (via the Tampa Tribune):

A judge has scheduled a hearing Thursday to decide whether to punish prosecutors for violating a court order in the case of two former University of South Florida students charged with illegally transporting explosives.

Attorneys for Youssef Megahed filed a motion Monday asking for sanctions based on what they said were the government’s violation of a court order detailing when the prosecution was to provide the defense with evidence it plans to use at trial.

U.S. District Judge Steven D. Merryday issued an order this afternoon scheduling a hearing 11 a.m. Thursday where prosecutors must show why they should not be sanctioned. In legal parlance, Merryday issued an order to show cause. Megahed and Ahmed Mohamed were arrested Aug. 4 in South Carolina after a motor vehicle stop. They have been indicted on federal charges of illegally transporting explosives. Megahed is scheduled to go to trial next week. Mohamed also faces terrorism-related charges in connection with a video authorities say he made and posted on YouTube that showed how to use a remote-controlled toy to detonate a bomb. He is scheduled to go to trial in July.

Megahed’s attorneys say in new court filings that the FBI searched computers seized from the Megahed family home and that prosecutors plan to use videos investigators found of improvised explosive devices being used against military vehicles and military rockets being launched. The audio on the videos is in Arabic, the defense filing states. Megahed’s attorneys argue that the search of the computers was illegal because it was done without a warrant.

The FBI asked Meghed to consent to his family’s home being searched, but he refused, the motion states. Then agents contacted Megahed’s parents, and they consented to the search, but were told agents were looking for explosive materials, not computers, the motion states…

…In the meantime, prosecutors filed a notice with the court of intention to use evidence it maintains shows Megahed’s motive or plan. Among that evidence is information showing the home computers had a “large amount of research into weapons, ammunition and armed combat. One of the Megahed residence computers also contained numerous video clips depicting the manufacture and use of improvised explosive devices and a video recording showing the explosion of a bridge by means of such a destructive device.”

“Those video recordings all appear to depict the uses of such weapons in the armed struggle in the Middle East against the United States and other forces.”

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