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Gov. Jindal on the Tonight Show; Leno Mocks Indian Accents
"Vee vill name heem Bobb-ee."
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GOP Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was on the Tonight Show Monday night. I watched it and was struck by how comfortable, charming, and authentic he is–without sucking up to the Tinseltown elite. (Jindal delivers a quick, funny comeback when Leno jokes that politics is the sleaziest profession.) He’s proud of his state and committed to his job turning it around.

The one thing I found jarring occurs starting at 2:12 and peaking at around 2:30. Watch Jay Leno make fun of his father’s Indian accent for a cheap laugh. What is up with that? Shades of Rosie O’Donnell’s Ching-Chong episode. Gotta love liberal Hollywood. Jindal handled it gracefully. He’s dealt with far worse from the tolerant libs at the NYTimes and AsianWeek, after all.

Here’s the vid:

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