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Jeremiah Wright: "Hottest Brother in America," Campaign Manager for Jesus, CNN Cheerleader, and Black/White Band Critic
"Change is going to come."
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What a weekend it was for Jeremiah “AmeriKKKa” Wright.

The jet-setting race-monger has now been proclaimed “hottest brother in America.” Today he fulfilled his self-appointed roles as campaign manager for Jesus, CNN cheerleader, and black/white band critic.

In Dallas, he lamented his “public crucixion” before an audience of 4,000 supporters at Friendship-West Baptist Church.

In Detroit tonight at the NAACP’s Church of the Racial Hustle, Wright patted himself on the back for his “descriptive” powers of an America that he believes deserved 9/11. It’s not “divisive,” you see, to shout “God damn America” with your veins popping at the pulpit. That’s just “descriptive.” And anyone who says otherwise is a God-damned racist!

Wright singled out CNN’s Roland Martin and Soledad O’Brien in his speech. You can read one of Martin’s slavering blog posts here. He’s been on CNN non-stop in full multi-culti regalia extolling Wright’s speech with Soledad at his side nodding incessantly. A self-respecting network news organization would be cringing at their news anchors’ genuflection to Wright.

But those chickens will come home to roost soon enough.

A taste of Wright’s peacock-strutting remarks:

“Just my appearance in Detroit will be polarizing,” he said. “I’m not here for political reasons. I’m not a politician. Many of corporate owned media have made it seem that I’m running for the Oval Office. I’ve been running for Jesus for a long, long time.

“I’m sorry your local political analysts are polarizing and sermons divisive. I’m not here to address an analyst’s opinion. I stand here as one representative of African-American church tradition, believing that a change is going to come.”

Wright, who is retiring as pastor of the 6,000-member Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, followed the dinner’s theme of “A Change is Gonna Come,” giving a humorous mini-lecture about the difference in style and linguistics between African Americans and whites.

“A change is coming because we no longer see others as being deficient,” he said.

The crowd cheered when he acted out the differences between white marching bands and black ones.

“One is not abnormal and one normal – it’s just different,” he said, explaining the difference between black and white church traditions.

“I come from a tradition, where we give God the glory, and we give the devil the blues,” he said.

Amid the humor, however, he took a moment to respond to Republican Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, who called Wright “divisive” during an April 18 forum attended by the leaders of Detroit and Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties.

Referring to Patterson only by his title, not by name, Wright said, “I am not one of the most divisive. Tell him the word is descriptive.”

Barack Obama sends his regrets:

[US Rep. John] Conyers told the NAACP audience that he had talked to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama earlier about the Detroit dinner. “He wanted to come so badly.”

I’m sure he did.

Maybe Obama will be able to catch Wright’s next command performance in Washington tomorrow at the National Press Club.

Remember: If you’re in the D.C. area, you can join the Freepers’ protest bright and early at 8am.


Rick at Brutally Honest:

I’m sitting here watching CNN’s coverage of Jeremiah Wright’s speech at the Detroit NAACP convention and am struck by what’s being attempted here.

Defenders are quick to jump on his critics, basing that defense on the notion that snippets of his many words spoken (or written) over the years are being used to twist who he really is.

And so what are they now attempting?

The. Very. Same. Thing.


They take snippets of words spoken most recently (today on CNN, the other day on PBS), words shaped by the knowledge that every syllable will be dissected and reviewed, words influenced by that knowledge, words purposed in taking advantage of that knowledge and they attempt to tell us that these words, and not those used by his critics, define the man.

Snippets that critique are wrong. Snippets that defend are right.

We’re watching the rehabilitation, the reconstruction, the rebuilding, the remaking of a man… from bigoted hate-monger to enlightened social critic.

Old Media will defend despite his many words over the years because Old Media and Jeremiah Wright are ideologically entwined and connected.

It’ll be up to New Media to counter that defense.

We’re in.

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