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Baltimore Bus Beating Update: Ringleader Jailed
Crime and punishment. (Photo via The Examiner.)
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The teenager who led the racially-tinged assault against Sarah Kreager on a Baltimore bus is going to jail. Prosecutors revealed that she had been the ringleader in prior beatings and attacks. The Baltimore Sun reports:

The 15-year-old Robert Poole Middle school student whom prosecutors accused of sparking a brutal December attack on a woman on a city bus was sentenced today to a secure juvenile jail until the judge releases her.

In arguing to send Nakita McDaniels to a residential treatment facility, Baltimore prosecutors revealed that the student body vice president had twice before led group assaults on lone female victims, one of which ended with the victim being stabbed and losing consciousness.

“She could have led the other students to stay on the bus — she was the vice president of the student government,” Circuit Judge David Young said. “She chose to lead the troops in the other direction. There are many types of leaders. There are good leaders, and there are those leaders who choose to use their abilities to do wrong. In my heart, based on my belief and my experience, the next person who argues with her may be a homicide victim.”

Also today, Young dismissed cases against two of the nine teens originally accused in the assault that left Sarah Kreager, 26, with two broken bones around her left eye in a fight aboard the No. 27 bus in Hampden sparked by a dispute over a seat.

Young ordered another youth, who had admitted her role in the attack before the monthlong trial, to complete the community service he had assigned her. The disposition hearings for four other students were ongoing and expected to stretch into tomorrow.

B’more blogger Jeff Quinton notes that two of the juveniles implicated in the attack now plan to sue the Maryland Transit Administration, the bus driver and the city school system.

I can hear Al Sharpton readying his briefs and his bullhorn now.

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