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Jamiel's Law Update: la City Councilman Proposes Illegal Alien Sanctuary Law Changes
Repeal "don't ask-don't tell."
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It’s like turning around the Titanic, but there’s finally a Los Angeles politician attempting to make the first common-sense change to the city’s decades-old illegal alien sanctuary law in the wake of Jamiel Shaw’s murder by an illegal alien gang member:

A proposal to go after gang members who are in the country illegally gained support Thursday from Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine, who said he will seek to amend an LAPD policy that currently bars police officers from asking arrestees about their legal status.

The councilman, who has spent almost 40 years with the Los Angeles Police Department — in recent years as a reserve officer — will introduce a motion Friday asking that Special Order 40 be amended to allow police officers to notify federal immigration officials of gang members who are in the United States illegally.

Special Order 40 prohibits Los Angeles police officers from questioning or arresting suspects based solely on their immigration status. The order is intended to encourage illegal immigrants to report crimes and assist police.

“The fact is that Special Order 40 allows Los Angeles police officers to inquire about immigration status if a crime has been committed, and reinforces the effort to deport an illegal immigrant if a crime has been committed,” Zine said.

“We can now take it one step further and say that if an individual is a known gang member and an illegal immigrant, that the LAPD has the responsibility and duty to turn the individual over to federal immigration officials.”

Took ’em long enough–and too many innocent lives–to figure that out.

It’s time to put nationwide pressure on open-borders LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa–who is too busy shilling for Hillary and chiding ICE agents for doing their jobs.

For Jamiel Shaw and every other innocent casualty of lax immigration enforcement and deadly don’t ask/don’t tell laws, raise your voice against sanctuary:

E-mail Villaraigosa at [email protected]


Mayoral candidate Walter Moore’s Jamiel’s Law page is here.


Via KFI, more contact info for those of you in the L.A. area:

District 1 – Ed Reyes

City Hall Office (213)-473-7001

District 2 – Wendy Greuel

City Hall Office (213)-473-7002

District 3 – Dennis P. Zine

City Hall Office (213)-473-7003

District 4 – Tom LaBonge

City Hall Office (213)-473-7004

District 5 – Jack Weiss

City Hall Office (213)-473-7005

District 6 -Tony Cardenas

City Hall Office (213)-473-7006

District 7 – Richard Alarcón

City Hall Office (213)-473-7007

District 8 -Bernard Parks

City Hall Office (213)-473-7008

District 9 – Jan Perry

City Hall Office (213)-473-7009

District 10 – Herb J. Wesson, Jr.

City Hall Office (213)-473-7010

District 11 – Bill Rosendahl

City Hall Office (213)-473-7011

District 12 – Greig Smith

City Hall Office (213)-473-7012

District 13 – Eric Garcetti

City Hall Office (213)-473-7013

District 14- José Huizar

City Hall Office (213)-473-7014

District 15 – Janice Hahn

City Hall Office (213)-473-7015

Also, a fund has been set up at:

USC Credit Union

Foundation for Jamiel Shaw II

1025 W. 34th Street

King Hall, 2nd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90089

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