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Al Franken Finally Admits He Failed to Comply with Workers' Comp, Disability Benefits Laws
What a joke.
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More than a month ago, investigative GOP blogger Michael Brodkorb in Minnesota first broke the news that Al Franken had violated New York state’s worker compensation laws. The Franken campaign finally ‘fesses up:

DFL Senate candidate Al Franken acknowledged today that his New York-based business wrongly failed to provide workers’ compensation insurance for nearly three years, his campaign said.

According to campaign manager Andy Barr, after five weeks of investigation the accountant for Alan Franken Inc. (AFI) was unable to figure out “the exact circumstances that led to the oversight.”

However, the accountant “has determined that, in fact, AFI was not in full compliance during the period in question,” Barr said, in a statement released this morning. “Therefore, no further attempt will be made to contest the resolved judgment.”

New York state fined Franken $25,000 nearly three years ago for failing to provide workers’ compensation insurance for his business employees. After the state did not hear from Franken, the judgment was entered in the New York Supreme Court last summer.

But Franken and his wife, Franni, said they were not aware of the penalty before it was reported in a Republican blog early last month. The Frankens paid the fine immediately, along with a separate $833 penalty for also failing to provide disability benefits insurance for two years.

Another Man of the People.

At least I can say Al Franken has finally made me laugh.

Snort, actually.

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