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The Return of an Unhinged IVAW Member
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Three weeks ago, I told you about the violent postings of Iraq Veterans Against the War member Evan Knappenberger, who threatened the Gathering of Eagles and advocated my assassination. I offered thanks to an IVAW official who announced that Knappenberger had been indefinitely suspended. Well, now that IVAW’s Winter Soldier hearings are over, it looks like things are back to normal.

“Normal” for the nutroots, that is.

Bellingham Herald reporter/blogger Sam Taylor reports that Knappenberger has been reinstated by the group.

Evan Knappenberger, a local Iraq War veteran who did the Stop Loss Tower Guard vigil last summer and started the local Iraq Veterans Against the War chapter was suspended from the group, but reinstated after four days, for making threats online against pro-war activists two weeks ago.

Knappenberger, who initially suffered an indefinite suspension, told me on the phone this morning that he had received an apology from the IVAW board for what he called their “arbitrary decision” to suspend him in the heat of the moment.

A reminder of the posts he published:




There’s your poster boy for peace–once again a good member in standing with Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Gen. Wesley Clark, you must be so proud.

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