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MoveOn: Stop Fox News from Taking Over the World!
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They really do live on a different planet:

About 22 demonstrators gathered outside the ABC News building in Washington, D.C., on Thursday to deliver a petition reportedly bearing 200,000 signatures of people who agree that “FOX News is a Republican mouthpiece” and that networks, including ABC News, should stop “parroting” the Fox News Channel’s talking points., a liberal political activism group, sponsored the demonstration and said in a press release that the petitions were delivered to major networks around the country, including CBS and CNN.

The demonstrators told Cybercast News Service that the Fox News Channel is “not a real news organization.” Nonetheless, they said, major news networks use Fox, a cable station, as a source for talking points.

“We are here to say, please, at the end of this election year, engage in responsible journalism and don’t parrot Fox News,” Adam Greene, director of strategic campaigns for MoveOn, told Cybercast News Service.

“We say Fox should not be setting the agenda for what is news in this country,” Deepa Domansky, a regional coordinator for MoveOn, told Cybercast News Service.

“Fox News is taking us away from issues that are really pressing and creating a sense that we shouldn’t be focusing on these issues but should be more focused on tabloid issues. We know that Fox News is not a legitimate news organization. It is a Republican mouthpiece. Yet the rest of the media is taking its talking points from Fox,” Domansky added.

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