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Right in '08: Colorado Civil Rights Initiative Qualifies for the Ballot
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Ward Connerly’s multi-state campaign to abolish government race and gender preferences rolls onward–defying the grievance-mongers, feminists, and open-borders extremists on the left and spineless GOP establishment officials on the right. This is a conservative movement that has support across racial, gender, generational, and partisan lines. Everywhere Connerly’s organization has qualified on the ballot, it has won. And I will be covering the campaign every step of the way as they head toward the polls and to victory this November. Today, Connerly’s organization received word that the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative made it onto the ballot. More than 128,000 people signed CoCRI petitions:

Today the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative received notice that the Secretary of State has determined that the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative has submitted enough signatures to gain access to the November ballot.

…Ward Connerly, national advocate for equal rights, congratulated the Colorado Coalition on their success, “The people in Colorado who have the desire to end race and gender preferences are to be commended for their success.” Connerly continued, “I am delighted that the Super-Tuesday for Equal Rights effort has achieved another milestone towards success in November.”

The Colorado Civil Rights Initiative is a state constitutional amendment that will appear as Amendment 46 on the November 2008 ballot. A “Yes” vote on this initiative will ban discrimination and preferences based on race, gender, national origin, color, and ethnicity in state hiring, state contracting, and state education.

Looking for a constructive way to support conservative ideas and get motivated this campaign season? Get involved and donate here.

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