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Terrorists Crossing Our Borders
Homeland insecurity files.
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Investigative reporter Todd Bensman has a myth-busting piece that counters the open-borders propaganda line that no terrorist suspects have crossed into the US across our land boundaries to the north or south. He opens with the tales of Hezbollah leader Mahmoud Kourani, Gazi Abu Mezer, and Nabil Marabh, whom I also mentioned in Invasion, and compiles a top-ten list of border-crossing terrorist plotters.

An excerpt:

FBI Director Robert Mueller, testifying before a Congressional committee in 2006, said a number of Hezbollah terrorists had crossed into the U.S. from Mexico but offered no details.

During an early 2007 swing through San Antonio, he told reporters: “We have had indications that leaders of other terrorist groups may be contemplating …having persons come across assuming identities of others, and trying to get across the border. It is intelligence that indicates there have been discussions on that.”

When pressed for details, men like Mueller and Loy have to demur, citing official secrecy rules designed to protect investigations while in play, as well as intelligence-gathering methods, confidential informants and sources so as to keep terrorist targets from figuring out how they’ve been compromised.

The bottom line: either the authorities are exaggerating the threat or the public may not be allowed to know about it yet.

The dearth of elaboration about intelligence or disclosure of arrested terror suspects fuels speculation that government officials are raising the level of fear to underwrite controversial immigration reform measures.

Yet the warnings keep coming. Often, it is about the danger of South America and the communities of Middle Easterners that reside throughout that continent.

Janice Kephart, a lawyer who served as counsel to the 9-11 Commission and co-wrote the final report, testified in March 2005 before the Senate Judiciary Committee about a classified document she’d seen while serving on the commission. She was free to discuss it publicly because it had just been declassified.

She said the document was a Border Patrol report about meetings in Spain between members of Al Qaeda and a Columbia guerilla group. A topic of discussion at the meeting, Kephart said, was the use of Mexican Islamist converts to infiltrate the U.S. across the southwest border.

“If you want to conduct another operation after 9-11 you don’t want people to know who you are,” she said. “And the best way to be anonymous is to come across the border.”

Underscoring the security threat, Bensman points to this story about three

Afghani Muslims posing as Mexicans.

But hey–at least we’re building that border fence…in Egypt.

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