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A Bomb Threat Against the Gathering of Eagles Update: Meet the IVAW Jerk ; Update: More Threats to "Waste" Counterprotesters
"Peace" my you-know-what.
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I am pointing you to this left-wing nut’s threat so you know what we are up against–and to ensure that the screencap is saved.


This menacing jerk’s blog is hosted on Blogspot.

Here are their terms of service.

Support the Gathering of Eagles and get the latest on Friday and Saturday’s counter-protests here.

Justin at Right on the Right has more:

The blogger in question claims to be Evan M. Knappenberger. The big deal about this is, Evan M. Knappenberger is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. It looks pretty plausible because Knappenberger uses the same “Gathering of Smeagols” title line. The kicker? The end of his IVAW post:

Peace, and non-violence, always, Evan M. Knappenberger

Update3 (Language Warning): Evan Knappenberger has chosen to respond to Michelle since she pointed out his threat. In a very obvious way, he made an outright threat against the Gathering of Eagles, and now he’s backtracking. That’s good news, because we don’t want anyone in danger. Look at this horrific response:



From commenter gtoast:

This left-wing nut isn’t just any left wing nut. He’s IVAW member Evan M. Knappenberger.

And he’s threatened GoE not ONCE but THREE TIMES!

1) A bomb threat in the original post

2) Another bomb threat here:


“We will fix the broken world… save it from all the chickenhawk armchair warrior gathering of idiots.

But I still want to blow up their fucking gathering.”

3) A threat of gun violence here:


“And don’t be afraid. I am not in the database as PTSD-suffering, so I can still buy all manners of handguns. Not to mention the vast arsenal I brought back from Iraq!”

Anf of course his latest insight:

“I really really really hope that someday Malkin and her counterpart, Ann “Fucking” Coulter end up laying hog-tied with electrical wire in an Iraqi ditch”

So this is the best that IVAW has to offer?

Update 9:30pm Eastern. More threats of violence and intimidation against counterprotesters:

I don’t know what fucking idiot lobbied for these shithead right-wingers to be allowed at Winter Soldier but I fear for their safety on the campus. Me, I’m not doing shit to them. Not at Winter Soldier, anyway. But I’m far from being the only IVAW member who’s quick with his fists. Also: after putting up with weeks of crude, sexual insults from conservative bloggers “Thus Spake [Brokedick] Ortner”, the “[Not Actually but Wannabe] Sniper”, that fat fucking pig Jonn Lillyea and all those other cockroaches, I’ve decided I’m probably going to waste most of them on sight dry-hump them all if I see them in DC away from Winter Soldier. I’ll give them a clear, verbal ten-second exit opportunity to clear out of my fucking field of vision in some pub, restaurant or subway stop. If they don’t get the fuck out of my sight… oh, well. Sorry. Dry-humped. How could you think you can call a guy a “faggot” and mock his ethnicity and feel he has no right to smash your fucking face in dry-hump you? Yeah, they’re real tough guys online. Real quick to talk shit to combat vets through a computer screen. Real quick to taunt us and fucking cry about it when we guarantee retaliation. But real, real fucking scared when they’re staring down the barrel of their in-person comeuppance a good, stiff dry-humping. See if a judge gives a shit when I punch holes in the backs of their heads by going through the fronts of them dry-hump them after the bullshit they’ve tried to pull with us.

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