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Why I Talked to the Baltimore Sun and Not the New Yorker
Conservative profiling.
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I have an amusing set of e-mail exchanges to share with you. But first, check out this nice profile that Jonathan Pitts at the Baltimore Sun wrote about my life as a blogger, tee-vee talking head, and, well, regular human being. It’s a fair, balanced, and colorful piece–in other words, unusual treatment for a conservative by the MSM. I can only imagine the backlash and negativity Pitts might receive inside and outside the newspaper. So do send an encouraging note to both him and the paper if you feel so moved. (There’s contact info at the end of the piece.) A few clarifications: Pajamas Media pays me, but not my Hot Air employees; and I joked to Pitts that I’m only a size 0 if I lay off the Dunkin Donuts..


I don’t usually give such access to reporters. Pitts showed rare intellectual curiosity and wasn’t out to do the same old tired right-winger-as-Neanderthal profile. Others who have contacted me for interviews have a clear agenda when they’re covering conservatives, and it’s not to give readers a real sense of what we’re about, what drives us, who we are.

Which brings me to the e-mail exchanges. Roughly the same time Pitts contacted me, I was bombarded with requests from The New Yorker. They also pestered many of my business contacts.


Dear Michelle Malkin,

I’m a staff writer at the New Yorker, and I’m eager to write a profile of you for the magazine. I’ve been reading and watching with interest your commentary on the election, and — particularly with McCain rising — I think this could be a great time to look at your work and career and influence. I’d hope to come and spend some time talking with you, and watching you do what you do. Is there a number at which I could reach you to talk about this further? You can email me at this address or call me at [redacted].

Looking forward to speaking with you,

Rebecca Mead


Dear Patricia Jackson,

I’m a staff writer at the New Yorker and am trying to get in touch with Michelle Malkin, with a view to writing a profile of her for the magazine. Can you let me know the best way to reach her, or put me in touch with her?


Rebecca Mead

[phone number redacted]


I’ve got a mssg from Rebecca Mead of the New Yorker looking for your # — is there one I should give her?

— Mark Cunningham

Oped editor


[phone number redacted]


Dear Michelle Malkin,

I am the editor of The New Yorker magazine, and I believe that you have

received some sort of contact from our office, but I just wanted to assure

you that our desire to write about you is serious and genuine. I can be

reached through email above or [phone number redacted].

Best regards,

David Remnick


On 2/16/08, Michelle Malkin wrote:



Dear Ms. Malkin, “Thanks…” but can we talk? I am at home at [phone number redacted]. Best, David Remnick


Dear Mr. Remnick,

Again, thank you for your reassurance that your magazine’s “desire to write about” my work “is serious and genuine.” I have no doubt that your writer is serious and that your interest in printing some sort of profile for your audience is genuine.

The question is: Toward what end?


No disrespect to you and your august publication (of which my beloved in-laws are longtime subscribers), but I have neither the time nor inclination to sit down with your staff Jane Goodall and serve as an anthropological specimen for The New Yorker’s readership. If I want to play ape for amusement, I’ll do it for my kids.



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