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The Cowardly, Evil Attack on the Jerusalem Seminary
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The Palestinian jihadist who opened fire in the library of a central Jerusalem seminary today fired 500-600 bullets. Monstrous:

The 8:45 p.m. shooting at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood broke a two-year lull in terror in the capital and sent students scurrying for cover from a hail of gunfire – a reported 500-600 bullets – that lasted for several minutes.

“There were horrendous screams of ‘Help us! Help us!'” recounted Avrahami Sheinberger of the ZAKA emergency rescue service, one of the first to respond to the scene. “There were bodies strewn all over the floor, at the entrance to the yeshiva, in various rooms and in the library.”

As security forces raced to the scene, the gunman fired round after round of ammunition into the library at the seminary, religious Zionism’s flagship institution. About 80 students had gathered in the library to celebrate the Hebrew month of Adar II, which begins on Friday evening. It was not immediately clear, late Thursday night, whether there was a security guard at the entrance to the yeshiva. Channel 2 reported that the terrorist carried a blue Israeli identity card and came from east Jerusalem.

The Israel ambassador’s office e-mailed me a statement and graphic photos. I am posting them because I want you to have them in your head when you read about Palestinians dancing for joy in the streets. See also the running updates at Mere Rhetoric and Israelly Cool.

Statement from the Israel ambassador:

Today’s terrorist attack on a religious seminary in Jerusalem, in which eight young students were murdered in cold blood by a Palestinian terrorist, is a terrible reminder of the indiscriminate and brutal terrorism Israel faces every day.

The gunman, armed with an automatic assault rifle, heavy ammunition and a bulletproof vest, infiltrated the crowded school library and opened fire at students during religious study.

The reaction in the West Bank and Gaza, including celebrations and praise for the killer, is the result of ongoing and intensive incitement to violence against innocent Israeli civilians.

While continuing to pursue every opportunity for peace, Israel will defend its citizens and take the necessary security measures to combat terror. Be it rocket fire from Gaza or suicide attackers in Jerusalem, Israel expects the international community to take a resolute and determined stand against terror in all its forms.

The photos (warning – graphic):




Israel National News has also published GPO photos and more.

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