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Back to the Berkeley Marine Recruiting Center
The battle continues.
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Catherine Moy e-mailed the latest on the continuing battle over the Berkeley Marine recruiting center:


Mel[anie Morgan] and I visited Berkeley City Hall demanding that Mayor Bates increase police presence at the Marine recruiting center, arrest anybody breaking the law, and rescind the council’s anti-military resolutions. We told his aide that we will hold the city council responsible if there is more violence against recruiting centers. Mayor Bates can run and hide , but we’ll catch him and hold him to account.

The Code Pink brigade is still harassing the recruitment station. You would think they might give it a break in light of today’s NYC bombing at the Armed Forces Recruitment Center in Times Square.

But no.

They have no shame, no taste, no decency.

Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee e-mails:

My journey the past 19 months adapting to my new role as a Gold Star Mother has taken me on a roller coaster ride of emotions as I ride through the grieving process. No one ever aspires to hang a Gold Star in your window or purchase that specialized license plate honoring the loss and sacrifice. Because of the heroic sacrifice my son Marc Alan Lee, the first navy SEAL killed on 8-2-06, I joined the ranks of many other Gold Star Mother’s who understand the deepest pain a Mother could ever have to endure. Unlike another Gold Star Mother who gained media attention who used her voice to discredit and dishonor her son and attack our President and the noble efforts our troops are making, I made the choice to use my voice and speak out in support of our troops and their leaders. I choose to honor my son and all of our brave men and women who have served and are serving so selflessly in the Armed Forces. My choice has taken me all over the world to thank and honor our troops, and to stand in the gap and fight for them, and tell there stories and successes. It is because of our Vets that I can do that and you are my heroes.

I have been blessed to join arms with Move America Forward, Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up, Families United, Vets for Freedom, Freedom’s Watch and so many amazing pro-troop organizations and individuals who love and admire our troops and recognize what they give and do for my freedoms, for your freedoms, and for this countries freedoms. I know first hand the sacrifices our troops and their families make and I am sick and tired of the attacks from the anti-war, un-american , traitors who try to attack their noble character and make them out to be un-educated idiots who lie, murder and rape. I was in Iraq at Christmas and I saw there honorable character, there selfless actions and determination to successfully complete the mission.


The recent attacks and destruction against our Military recruiting offices is the latest appalling tactics from these liberal left lunatics! I addressed the Berkeley City Council on Feb 12th demanding they apologize and rescind their resolutions against our Marine Recruiting office and the attacks there. The attacks from Code Pink, ANSWER, SDS, and other anti-war groups was not limited to radical Berkeley but has been displayed in Ohio, Minn, Wisc, Tenn, Penn, Mass, Calif, DC, and just this morning the recruiting office in Manhattan, NY was bombed. Enough is enough! Our troops know that the risk of war could be the loss of life or limb in a combat zone from the enemy, but not in a recruiting office in America attacked by the people who they are willing to give their life for. This is no longer a freedom of speech issue, they have crossed the legal boundaries and must be held accountable. I am calling every American to call there local police departments and make them aware of the increasing attacks across America on our recruiting offices. Contact your elected officials and ask them to pass legislation protecting our troops and the recruiting offices. Contact your recruiting offices and thank them, take them coffee or pizza and let them know you are there for them and that you want to be informed of any protests or attacks on their offices. Join me and all of the pro-troop organizations that are coming together in DC from March 13th to the 17th to stand against the anti-war crowd and in support of our troops.

We cannot be apathetic any longer or these attacks will only grow worse and the minority anti-war crowd will be emboldened to continue their violence and destruction.

Outraged and Calling for Action,

Debbie Lee

Carrying on the left-wing kiddie human shield tradition, here’s a Pinko blocking the recruitment center with her infant:


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