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Draft Card-Burning Deja vu
Brought to you by the unreality-based, troop-bashing community.
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I swear I thought this was an Onion parody. It’s not. Via the Raleigh News Observer, the anti-military bigots at UNC Chapel Hill have taken to burning phony draft cards to protest the war in Iraq.

For John Heuer, burning a fake draft card on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus was a sort of deja vu.

Heuer said he burned draft cards in 1971 while refusing to be part of President Nixon’s army. He put his cigarette lighter to a symbolic card Thursday to support a student group’s anti-war rally.

“It’s important to get the word out in a creative way,” said Heuer, a retired UNC facilities designer.

About 30 people attended the brief noon rally in the Pit outside the Student Union. Members of UNC-CH Students for a Democratic Society handed out fake draft cards and sarcastically solicited passers-by to sign up for military duty in Iraq.

War is peace, the protesters said mockingly. For permanent peace, we need permanent war, they said.

And it looks like we have a new IVAW/Winter Soldier 2.0 poster boy on our hands:

Iraq war veteran Jason Hurd served in Baghdad from November 2004 to November 2005. He said one of his jobs was to shoot at anything that came within 50 meters of military vehicles.

“I went to Iraq to help people, but instead I ended up shooting civilians,” Hurd said. The people said they never had to worry about their safety before the Americans arrived, he said.

Hurd, who said he now takes medication to deal with nightmares and flashbacks, serves as president of the Asheville chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Later, the paper issued this correction:

A report Friday in the City & State section about an anti-war rally on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus misquoted Iraq war veteran Jason Hurd. The story quoted Hurd as saying, “I went to Iraq to help people, but instead I ended up shooting civilians.” Hurd did not say that he shot civilians but spoke about “how members of my unit unnecessarily shot at civilians during convoys and then bragged about these incidents later on.”

Hmmm. Yeah. I hear the New Republic’s got opening for both Hurd and the N-O writer.

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