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Congress to Chertie: We Need More Incompetents of Color!
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chertoff lettuce It’s a match-up of morons vs. moron. Grievance-mongering minorities in Congress lambasted DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff today for not hiring more womyn and People of Color. The incompetents and cronies in upper management at the beleaguered DHS aren’t diverse enough, they thundered.

Comedy gold. Where are the black, brown, red, and yellow faces? Where are the gyno-bureaucrats? And why don’t we have more undocumented DHS employees?!?! (Okay, kidding about that last one. But really, it won’t be long.)

The Washington Times has the report (hat tip – reader Anton):

Two congressmen today said the Department of Homeland Security needs more diversity to be effective, and scolded Secretary Michael Chertoff for not bringing any black or female staffers to his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee.

In what appeared to be a sort of diversity sting operation, Rep. Robert C. Scott lead off his questions to Mr. Chertoff by demanding the secretary’s staff stand up to be scrutinized. Minutes later, during his own questions, Rep. Melvin Watt said the point was to prove that none of the 10 staffers who stood met his definition of diverse.

“You brought 10 staff people with you, all white males. I know this hearing is not about diversity of the staff, but I hope you’ve got more diversity in your staff than you’ve reflected here in the people you’ve brought with you,” Mr. Watt, North Carolina Democrat, told the secretary.

The hearing was called to examine the administration’s record on border security and immigration, but Mr. Watt said diversity mattered for law enforcement. Both Mr. Watt and Mr. Scott are black.

Mr. Chertoff responded that Mr. Watt shouldn’t judge his staff based purely on appearance.

Yes, the very same liberals who scream when law enforcement wants to profile people to protect national security are leaning on Chertoff to do what? Engage in racial and gender profiling so Chertoff can surround himself with a rainbow of sycophants.

Put your beverages down before reading the WashTimes’ concluding paragraphs:

Mr. Chertoff responded that Mr. Watt shouldn’t judge his staff based purely on appearance.

“I wouldn’t assume that the ethnic background of everybody behind me is self-evident,” he said.

But Mr. Watt took that as a challenge, telling him, “I think I know an African American when I see one.” He asked any of the staffers was black or a woman stand up, then demanding the record reflect “that nobody stood up to volunteer in either one of those categories.”

“If we’re going to do law enforcement in this country, we need to understand that there’s an element of diversity in our country that I don’t see represented here,” Mr. Watt said.

Pardon me, though, for not fully sympathizing with Chertoff.

Live by open-borders, jihadi-apologist, grievance-monger pandering, die by open-borders, jihadi-apologist, grievance-monger pandering.

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