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Welcome to Alamo Tuesday; Update: 2am Automated Calls in Ohio?
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Well, people, it’s Super Tuesday II. Or “Alamo Tuesday,” as Amanda Carpenter has dubbed it. Can you feel the excitement and electricity in the air? Somewhere buried under layers of ennui? Look hard. You can unearth a spark or two. Zogby (grain of salt alert) shows the Big She “rebounding” but “barely ahead” in Texas and tied in Ohio. WaPo says if she can eke out a win in either of those states, voters want her to stick it out. Doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere, whatever the final tally shows. It’s all so–what are the words she used last night?–ah, yes: So dreadfully pathetic and horrible.

Fortunately, the NYPost photoshoppers are in fine form.


Place your bets.


Allah predicts another month of easy blog content. Oh, yeah. And I forgot about Huck. Ed Morrissey predicts a narrow Obama win in Texas.


Got an e-mail about annoying automated calls in the middle of the night in Ohio. Wonder if anyone got any 3 a.m. calls? Anyone get one and want to share how it affected your voting?

I don’t know if you have hear about the 2:00 am automated calls yet. On the way to the office today there was a lot of discussion about getting called VERY EARLY. It sounds like this could change the outcome of the primary.


Mark Finkelstein looks at Hillary’s advice to laggard Latino voters and the urinal sculptures in Hillary’s press room.

Update 11:29am Eastern. From reader Daniel B.:

I am a registered Republican in Cuyahoga County (I am the one!) Ohio. I have received 30+ calls from Hillary or Obama in the last 72 hours. Please make it stop!

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