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Huckabee's Last Play
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Liveblogging his speech right now in Irving, TX. Starting out with a folksy baseball anecdote about George Brett’s last play.

Ladies and gentlemen, I called John McCain several minutes ago…he’s achieved the 1,191 delegates for the nomination. I extended my commitment to him…Sen. McCain has run an honorable campaign because he is an honorable man.

Pats himself on the back (again) for running his honorable campaign….turn to a united party. Thanks his wife. She’s very emotional. Thanks his staff. “Fought the good fight and kept the faith.” That for me has been the most important of all. I’d rather lose the election than lose the principles that got me here in the first place.” Quotes prophet Isaiah:

“Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were dug.”

…It’s time to hit the reset button. We’re not going away completely…

Now, he’s going to go home and work on that VP slot.

And one more thing: DLTDHYOTWO.


10:06pm Eastern. Rove on Huck as VP– thumbs down. “It doubles your trouble.”

Next stop: Senate? Allah’s got the speech vid.

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