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Animal Rights Zealots Gone Wild Again
"Nonviolent chemical warfare."
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Last week, they were bugging Japanese whaling ships. Now, they’re throwing bags of acid at them. “Nonviolently,” of course.

Anti-whaling protesters hurled containers of butyric acid at a Japanese whaling ship in Antarctic waters, injuring four crew members, a Japanese official said Monday.


Activists from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society hurl objects on to the Japanese ship Nisshin Maru.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society acknowledged the Sunday incident, saying it had lobbed more than two dozen bottles of rotten butter at the Nisshin Maru, “sending a stench throughout the whale killing ship that will remain for days.”

Butyric acid is found in rotten butter.

The Sea Shepherd boat had to move a half-mile away from the whaling ship because “it stinks too bad to remain any closer,” activist Todd Emko of New York said in a statement from the group. Video Watch protesters toss objects at the ship »

The conservation group said it also threw packets of a slippery chemical on to the deck of the ship, making it difficult to cut up whales.

The unnamed substance becomes more slippery when mixed with water so it will be difficult to wash off the deck, a Sea Shepherd statement said.

“I guess we can call this nonviolent chemical warfare,” said Capt. Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd boat, the Steve Irwin. “We only use organic, nontoxic materials designed to harass and obstruct … whaling operations.”

Only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Where are the voices of restraint and civility when it comes to eco-thuggery?

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