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The Plagiarizing Columbia Noose Prof and the Super-Secret Sanctions
Ivy League laughingstock.
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Can Columbia University become any more of an academic embarrassment? I noted last week that in the wake of the still-unsolved noose crime, the race-mongering Columbia noose prof had been sanctioned for two dozen instances of plagiarism.

Not enough to get her fired from one of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

Just enough to earn her secret “serious sanctions.”

The NYPost blasts Columbia:

Teachers College claims to be indepen dent of Columbia University – but when it comes to moral cowardice, it’s hard to tell them apart.

To wit, Teachers College revealed last week that an 18-month investigation has determined that Professor Madonna Constantine had lifted the work of a colleague and several students.

Now, plagiarism is a firing offense at Morningside Heights, right?

Amazingly, no.

Teachers announced that it had merely imposed secret “serious sanctions” against Constantine.

If her name seems familiar, it should. She’s the prof upon whose door last fall was found a four-foot noose; the discovery sparked a national uproar, and the case remains unresolved.

The noose and plagiarism charge – which Constantine denies – are related, she said: They are proof of “structural racism” at Teachers College.

That’s absurd, notes department Chairwoman Suniya Luthar: “The students who came with the complaints – most . . . are ethnic minorities, and a number of them are African-American.”

As for the noose – well, let’s just say that the police probe is ongoing.

But what about Teachers College – and, by extension, Columbia?

By retaining Constantine as a tenured professor, and by keeping the alleged “sanctions” applied against her secret, Teachers has demonstrated that it cares as little about its reputation as Columbia cares about its own.

Rick Moran has more on the double secret super sanctions:

“Serious ‘secret’ sanctions?” It sounds made up – like the “double secret probation” Delta House was put on in the movie Animal House.

When academic standards are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, a university loses all respect. In Columbia’s case, that happened a long time ago.

It’s the rule of the mob and the school of Mahmoudapalooza.

Parents of college-age students, if you haven’t crossed Columbia off the list, get out the permanent marker and do it now.

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